Four GTA Delay Conspiracy Theories

Rockstar puts it down to nothing more than required extra development time - but then they also said less than three weeks ago that it was "absolutely on track" for October. So what's the real reason Grand Theft Auto IV was delayed to next year?

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P4KY B3644d ago

Main character detained by Homeland Security at Newark airport for looking a bit shifty.

Juevani3644d ago

Remember when Epic daleyd the reale of UT3 (and we just hurd they had something goin with Sony) turned out its exclusive.. Same thing with Haze and Ubisoft.. Now we hurd Sony is workin something out with Take-Two and the game is gettin delayd now, Exclusive anyone?? dont flame me thats just a theore cus it happened before and may just happen again no one knows.

sjappie3644d ago

Jeah right, and Rockstar is gonna pay back the 50 million to MS, right?

WIIIS13644d ago

4 theories 1 truth. Thanks Sony for another delay.

Fighter3644d ago

Just like other publishers have delayed the PS3 versions of their games, Rockstar could've done the exact same thing. But it seems like both versions need more work done.

mikeslemonade3644d ago

The obvious reason is no major game is ever released without getting delayed once. Since GTA4 has been annouced it has gotten that specfic 10/31/07 date. The delay did not suprise me.

ShiftyLookingCow3644d ago

whatever it is, I hope its not the fourth one

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The story is too old to be commented.