VIDEO: Mastering the 'Spin' - Kinect Sports Bowling

Coming to you Live from the Exclusive Kinect Event at Macy's that started today. If you haven't heard of it click here to see if there's an event going on in your area. After my last story a lot of people questioned the level of control you have in Kinect Bowling and if you could Spin? After extensive testing I've come with video footage to prove that YES you can Spin. Just like the real sport it's not easy and will take some time to master. But it CAN be done! And when you pull it off it's a pretty awesome!

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Bigpappy3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

You can spin the ball and get turn. It is not real bowling but it works quite well.

Head over to Macys and try it yourself.

B-Real2063049d ago

I really don't know what to say but I will say right now that kinect is going to sell for $99.99 with pack in. It can't be any more expensive than that.

They have a kinect fan page on facebook last I checked it had 10000 fans. I am not one of them. I will be when I'm shown something that interests me. Until then I can wait.

Have fun day one'rs!

3049d ago
PLAYstar3049d ago

Just like the usual xbot's pitiful attempt, the spin miserably fail..

rockleex3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Lol. That's what Green Ring is really good at, so good to the point where nothing he says make any sense at all.

HolyOrangeCows3049d ago

The motion you have to do to cause the spin is absolutely ridiculous.
Because Kinect doesn't detect wrist movement ( ), you have to swing your arm to the side to cause spin on the ball.

hardknock3049d ago

It's a videogame. Turning a plastic remote isn't realistic either. Not like it matters as long as people are having fun.

DelbertGrady3049d ago

You can throw it over the top of your head, and even do a Hadoken move.

Awesome stuff!

blumatt3049d ago

It matters when you're spending upwards of $99 for a Kinect camera and then another full $60 for the Kinect games. They need to price their games for Kinect at the same price point Move games are going to go for: $40. $40 is a more reasonable price point for these casual games.

Biggest3049d ago

It's $200 for a Kinect and game at WalMart. You should kinda expect the thing to work better than cheaper alternatives.

pixelsword3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

@ cows:

Good link!

" According to Business Insider's Mark Wilson, Kinect is unable to pick up some of the more subtle movements of the human body, such as wrist movement. He noticed this when playing the bowling game featured in Kinect Sports. He was told by the developers that "the game can't track spin based upon a twist of [the] wrist"--an unfortunate quirk considering its importance in the sport of bowling.

Although Kinect can do a lot of things, finer wrist movement isn't one of them--an area that both PlayStation Move and Wii MotionPlus have a leg-up on it, allowing for full bowling ball control. Of course, to be fair to Kinect, it's also the only bowling game I've seen where you can literally shot put the bowling ball down the lane, which looks hilarious, even if completely unrealistic."


Wii bowling is a lot more accurate. I suck a bowling, but a friend of mine who is an avid bowler said that when he does this little wrist move before he throws the ball in Wii bowling, the ball does exactly what it would do if he was actually bowling, so if you have to move your hand to cause spin, I don't think it's a very accurate game.

@ blumatt:

you'd think so, huh?

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nsnsmj3049d ago

this video of kinect isn't too shabby. the lag was minimal in this one. not bad. not bad at all microsoft.

MaximusPrime3049d ago

still cant spin accurately.


Phat0073049d ago

You still dont have a girlfriend FAIL!!!!! You are a loser that sits and talks on his keyboard thinking someone cares what you say LOLOLOLOL

rwarner1743049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Says the person who takes time out of his day to reply. At lease I know what dude I am. You're a dude who doesn't know what dude he is. Fail.

Wizziokid3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

not bad, still I think i'll wait to see more titles before I consider buying Kinect

Edit: Hadouken!!!!

Davoh3049d ago

If this video shows anything, it's that Ryu would be awesome at bowling, just use Hadouken to get strikes each time.

BeaArthur3049d ago

It is kind of cool that you can throw it different ways and the sensor will pick it up.

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