World in Conflict Singleplayer Preview and New Trailer

The World in Conflict PR tank has been steamrolling through the media battlefield for over a year now, but the vast majority of its cannon fire has been pumping out rounds about the game's frantic multiplayer mode. In a recent interview with the game's Lead Designer, Magnus Jensen, even he voiced a few concerns that the singleplayer hadn't been shown off enough.

Thankfully, the drought of information regarding this central component of the game has come to end, as IGN AU recently got their hands on a 6-mission singleplayer preview build.

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FCOLitsjustagame4123d ago

WTF, is that Magnum PI music? Or A-Team? I feel like I just went back in time....isnt that a bad feeling for a "next gen" game?

Oh well, I will look at the game when I can see some actual gameplay, but I really think they should rethink this marketing. Of course I guess a lot of the people watching this probably never watched 70-early 80s TV so maybe it will work for them.

TnS4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

It is Magnum, P.I. :)