Videos: Macy's Kinect Event In Miami - Fail

First of all major props to Microsoft for promoting Kinect nationwide today at Macy's. Great marketing! But next time make sure to have someone that knows about the product.

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NYC_Gamer3071d ago

they should have stuck with paid actors

Ilikegames763071d ago

The guy looks like Brian Crecente from Kotaku, just without the hair.

lociefer3071d ago

lol karate kid is in the vids

PLAYstar3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Before M$ even thought about the concept of making natal. I already knew this is going to fail. It's by M$ afterall.

Oh and congratulation to those who brought the slim w/kinect. Have fun.. hmm fun? Guess you knew you weren't playing kinect, it's kinect plays U!

HolyOrangeCows3071d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Well, that represents Kinect pretty well; a total lack of sensible direction.

Obviously, Kinect doesn't make things more accessible for casuals. Combine the bad demoing and high entry aren't making a very compelling argument.

King_of _the_Casuals3070d ago

It's more about the employeee being a Fail then Kinect being a Fail. the guy in the NY store actually knew what he was doing and it worked ALMOST as advertised. Still got some kinks in it tho.

Motion3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

How is that? He's pretty much exactly what Kinect is marketed towards, someone whom is a causal gamer and probably doesn't know a lot about electronics/gaming. If you're gonna say that they should have had a professional set it up/demo it, who is going to go set it up in the homes of all the casual users? What you're seeing here is exactly what you'll get in the majority of homes that purchase this.

Montrealien3070d ago

Low level PR Drones are the worst.

sikbeta3070d ago

I didn't see anything bad in the first video except when the guy made the movement to throw and the bowl get stuck in the mii-too hand, the second was a real WTF! cos the guy in front of the TV couldn't make the mii-too-character to Run, even by trying to lift his legs more...

Montrealien3070d ago

its more in the commentaries in the third videos. I have had to deal with many PR folks in the past and it is rather painful.

like anything, there are good one, sadly they are few and far between.

kws10653070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

You are not going to have a MS employee beside you if you buy Kinect and bring it home you know...

zag3070d ago

Working fine to me, You get the exact same thing happening on the Wii.

It doesn't know when to release the ball so you have to fling your hand to release but there's always lag because it always waiting.

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Rumor3070d ago

but if the sign said sony, and saaay, idk green ring of light posted this, his agrees would be negative and his disagrees would be in the triple digits. or maybe his comment wouldnt show at all due to trolling.

c'mon n4g....i favor my ps3, and i really dont like the 360(no exclusives worth my time, online pay, unreliable), but the fanboyism here is terrible

KingME3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Nevermind, didn't see the testimonial video at the end.

No Way3070d ago

Ain't that the truth..
Even worse, a one bubble get's that much agrees.

blumatt3071d ago

If MS keeps allowing shitty demos like this to be displayed to the public, Kinect may fall flat on its ass after the initial early adopters buy it. People's perception of something goes beyond the initial product itself. If people see that Kinect doesn't work as well as it's supposed to, people's overall respect for the 360 as a whole may go with it. Plus, people have friends and family that they'll tell all about how they went and tried this new Kinect device out and it didn't work. Then they'll tell all their friends... and on and on it will go. MS had better get some more intelligent people at these tech demos if they're going to get people to spend $150 on a camera and then $60 per game. (On a side note, MS had better lower the price of Kinect games. Move games are launching at $39.99 and people aren't stupid. They'll see the price difference and it could make the difference in them buying a 360 or PS3.)

acere3071d ago

why would u wana censored the truth

Triella3070d ago

I'm begining to think MS knows it's gonna flop thus they're not putting much effort and money in showcasing the product. They probably plan to let it go downhill fast and possibly embark the 360 with it since from recent reports MS quitting the console industry would apparently make its shareholders really happy.

Either that or their goal is to discard the 360 like they did with the original Xbox, and release a new console next year.

3070d ago
DMason3070d ago

If you had actually read this article, it wasnt Kinect that failed, it was the person that was supposed to be monitoring the event. He wasnt paying attention and the camera was pointing at the floor.

Another poster said the New York event was great. Maybe read/watch articles instead of headlines.

corneliuscrust3070d ago

this is N4PS3

logic and anything pro-MS are not welcomed here.

Hallmark Moment3070d ago

Let them have it only the most rabid PS3 fanboys would spin this most of them for once read the article hence only 50 comments. They're going to have a hard enough time handling the massive sales boost due to Kinect.

Scary693070d ago

The poster from N.Y. said "the guy in the NY store actually knew what he was doing and it worked ALMOST as advertised." Almost being the key word here.

Newtype3070d ago

Why would people even consider buying this POS? People must be really delusional 360 fanboys to buy this, hell the Wii is still better than this.

Non_sequitur3070d ago

I thought the tilt motors were suppose to automatically adjust the camera to the direction of the people playing. Why do you not take that to account? Does it not work properly?

GuruStarr783070d ago

MS should be ensuring that the person demoing their Precious Kinect has knowledge on how to set it up, and he shouldnt be texting while hes working......I guess if MS just wants to hire cheap help to show off their products, The Kinect is going to fail.......Think about how many people saw that demo.......they are going to tell their friends how shitty it was and so on.......Stupid people running the demos means MS doesnt care, and all of this after the E3 "Poncho-cirque de soleil" debacle....I will never buy the Kinect.

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J-Smith3070d ago

im surprised xbox360 hardcore fans even want this?

NYPunkster3070d ago

Has MS ever made a product that wasn't shitty.

I thought people would have learned by now to avoid any product with MS logo on it but I guess not.

Enjoy your Xbox/Kinect. XD

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godfree3071d ago

Yup. I don't blame Kinect. Blame MS...

ClownBelt3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Future of gaming! PS3 fanboys can choke all they want watching this vid. lol

DORMIN3071d ago

Not sure if serious...

SuperStrokey11233070d ago

Im unsure too, i doubt hes being serious but you never know with N4G... no one here would want gaming to go to that. SUre as a side diversion but certainly not teh future... no one would be that stupid

Mizz_mai3070d ago

are you

and males who use females as there avatars are strange....gow a pair....for

Natsu X FairyTail3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

well in the 1st video the guy dint know how to throw the ball. You see that he kinda got it at the 2nd stike

2nd video the Camera wasnt pointing at the players so nobody can blame nobody.

Nitrowolf23071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

my question is, why was the cam pointed down?
to me it looks like the camera is in the same position as in the first vid (although i might be wrong) so why was it responsive in the first vid but not the second vid. Unless soemtone moved the camera down then soemthing is wrong

godfree3071d ago

I played it during E3 and it's fun. But they had the right people demoing the product.

ironmonkey3071d ago

its gonna flop. people are gonna look like idiots wondering what to do and wheres the start button. good thing its ms test product.