Kotaku: Is Your 360 A Winner? Check

So there are two kinds of 360 on the market. There are the ones without the new heatsink. These have a tendency to...die horribly. And there are those with the new heatsink, which seem to work a lot better. Which one have you got? Ben Heck can help you, with his highly scientific methodology. First, get a camera. Then put your camera on top of an overturned 360. Then take a picture. If you can see your DVD drive, you're fresh out of luck. If you can't see it, you've got a new heatsink in there and your luck reserves are in good shape.

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DiLeCtioN3786d ago

not a bad idea ill share this with my m8

N4Gworks4Sony3786d ago

i dont recommend over-turning your xbox360 , you may damage it. The majority of the old heatsinks work just fine.

eLiNeS3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

If you don't know what you're looking for then you might think you have the NEW heatsink. There is a heatsink in there if you go more to the center from where he is pointing the camera. I uploaded some pics to flickr with a motherboard comparison.

Xbox 360 Heatsink Comparison

gta_cb3785d ago

no need to turn it completely over, just lay it flat (how most people have it) then get a camera/phone with a flash on it. infact i am now gonna try it.

power of Green 3786d ago

Although something no one should be going back and forth to the game shop hoping to not be able to see the drive in the 360's they're trading in every few days. lol almost spam but it is usful knowlege on some(small) level.

paracardium3786d ago

lol poor guys that own these horrible machines.. and still have faith.

ShiftyLookingCow3786d ago

why bother? go play your games at your favored console

ShiftyLookingCow3786d ago

even though I bought mine in Dec 06, I bought it from Amazon and those smart guys gave me a console manufactured in May 06. So no way I have those new heatsinks

kevoncox3786d ago

I just bought a new elite for my friend and I really don't care. The 3 of us now have 3 consoles no RROD. If I was to get one, guess what? I'm covered to have it replaced. If this the best way to look at things. No but everyone makes this out to be the end of the world. If it breaks get it fixed for free. If it doesn't play all of your games in peace. Looks like sony fanboys have too much free time on their hands.

ZombiesNJ3786d ago

I think you missed the point of this article. It's to help people better predict if they're going to have a failure or not. People do care about this issue because although it may not affect you, other people have the older console more prone to failure. And if you had an older console and it failed right before the Halo 3 launch and all your friends get to play it while you're waiting for you console to come back, it would be a big deal. Also, what if the console fails after 3 years and you have to shell out money to fix it? Then you would care...

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