Bad Company 2 Players on Steam Can Queue up Medal of Honor Beta...NOW!

RespawnAction says, "DICE just announced that if you are playing the smash hit Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Steam, you can now check out the beta for their other shooter (multiplayer wise that is), Medal of Honor."

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callahan093071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Yep, noticed it a couple hours ago, already downloaded it. Didn't realize that the fact I play BFBC2 was the reason it showed up in my games library. That's cool. Won't get to try it til tomorrow, but I'm excited for it.

WildArmed3071d ago

Hope you like it.
The beta was a let down to me and most of my friends.

It played like a bastard child of MW2 and BC2.

So.. i went back to Bc2 :D

I gotta say.. there's nothing better than a good sniping streak with ur trusty GOL Sniper Magnum..
head shot after head shot after head shot :D