Full Adventure game unveiled for Smash Bros Brawl

Another day goes by and it's another huge update on the Smash Bros Dojo, this time is the unveiling of a single player mode which has been dubbed "The Subspace Emissary". The latest blog update suggests that while Smash Bros is over a competitive action game, they have never been able to flesh out the single player game. However with The Subspace Emissary they have managed to create a complete side scrolling action game and its all on the same disk!

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PS360WII3943d ago

and it's all on the same disc! Well I don't think Wii will need to go into the 2 disc games quite yet. They don't have the HD that fills up space on the dvd format. It's kind of upsetting this taboo that came about with multi disc games. Glad FF creator is giving us Blue Dragon with it's multi discs. I always feel it's more bang for your buck cuz you know it's a good long game. Ah well back on topic

SSBB ^^ Glad to see more and more info on this everytime but didn't smash have an adventure mode as well or is this going to be completely different?

ChickeyCantor3943d ago

I wouldnt call it was way to short, hope they do it longer this time.

texism3942d ago

I remember this one game for the PS that came in two CDs but i figured out that it was just the impressive CGs taking up space and not actuall gameplay.

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ITR3943d ago

This game just gets better and better as time goes on.

KnowitAll3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

The stadium battle clip. Its like every character will have his own story mode adventure. If its two player adventure game it will be to good.

ItsDubC3943d ago

lol omg I feel like this game'll be a steal at $50. Seeing as how there's an entire section at the Smash Bros Dojo called Game Modes, I wonder what other surprises are in store?