Developer: Game consoles aren't the future

Greg Zeschuk of Bioware believes consoles could be a relic of the past as more players turn to portable devices to get their game on.

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ConanOBrien3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

it has dual analogs, massive storage, next-gen calibre 3d gfx, nuke-based batt and hdtv out

Genesis53071d ago

I don't think I'll being trading my 42" screen in for a 4" one anytime soon.

Galaxia3071d ago

I can't stand portable gaming. I am really starting to hate all this 3DS, Iphone, PSP crap.

Leave gaming on Consoles and PC's please.

Handhelds are small, uncomfortable, have terrible controls, shitty graphics, and most of the time the games feel sub par compared to console games.

That said, Chains of Olympus was great, it was also one of the only handheld titles I've been able to finish because I wasn't completely put off by infuriating controls and lack of dual analog sticks.

ChickeyCantor3071d ago

"Handhelds are small, uncomfortable, have terrible controls, shitty graphics, and most of the time the games feel sub par compared to console games. "

Well then aren't you glad you weren't playing video games in the golden-age.

for F sake STFU.

PoSTedUP3071d ago

ive been playing GTpsp and socomftb3 lately more then my ps3 games. i can deal with the controls in ftb3 because the 4 player coop and online is awesome (and i am hardcore like that), such a great game tho.

psp has all my great franchises and i love portable gaming but i doubt it will take over console gaming because, well.... Motorstorm3 in 3DHD on a 40+" sony bravia with a stereo system that will wake up the people in china. : D

hatchimatchi3071d ago


The DS has arguably the best software library out of any console in stores right now.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go play Dragon Quest IX

osamaq3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

who are you to predict the future Mr.gerg ?..

and who are you to make such comment, the biggest industry analysis ?!!

gaming consoles is just started smart Ass...

companies are making good money from it ..

Portable games is for children

GarandShooter3071d ago

Portable gaming is NOT just for children. There are many good times for portable gaming. I take my PSP with me when flying or traveling where I am not the driver. During slow times at work, I'll have my PSP to pass time. Just last week I was playing Peace Walker in the jury marshaling room while on jury duty.

Having said that, I completely prefer to game on my HDTV on a console, and would much rather have had Peace Walker released on console.

But to dismiss portable gaming completely as for children makes as much sense as the notion held by Greg Zeschuk.

PoSTedUP3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

oh noooooooooo, you can catch me playing socomftb3 online or GTpsp anytime, i play psp alot, on the train, at home etc. its awesome especially if you want new versions of your favorite games (just bought jak& daxter) great new installment if you ask me, im loving it. you must own a psp imo if you are a playstation gamer especially.

one of my favorite games this gen was zelda phantom hourglass on DS, awesome game.

Prcko3072d ago

lel,the best is to sit down on sofa and play games on big flat screen!

piroh3072d ago

i can't imagine playing myself that colossal battles on PSP. sure, GOW Chains of Olympus was great but not the same level as his big brothers

btw, best games are for consoles just look at top 10 metacritic games of this year

Nihilism3071d ago

You're right..which is why I am sitting in front opf my 40" bravia using my [email protected] a native resolution of course


I can also play games with any number of controllers on my PC including a wii mote, 360 or ps3 control....I can also use any number of professional grade flight sim joy sticks, or any mouse I choose, or even a speed pad for professional editing

and so on...

It's good when you can have your cake and eat it too.

White-Sharingan3071d ago

too bad PC is mostly for WOW and crysis, when PC gets Uncharted, Gears of War (current), Halo, Red Dead Redemption, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Demons Souls, Rock Band, DJ Hero, Alan Wake, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear then you call me, I'll dump all my consoles and then I play 100% on the PC. You guys have the graphics, the sexyness in games, but...without the games. And no, I don't want another RTS or MMO.

Letros3071d ago

You think PC gamers don't have $300 consoles? Granted they are collecting dust, but thats mainly because the reasons dchalfont listed.

White-Sharingan3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

yeah, a lot of PC gamers don't have console. You even mentioned that those who do have consoles don't use it, so what's the point of you even mentioning it? my point still stands, when PC gets games like the ones mentioned above, instead of X RTS or Y MMO then I'll sell all my consoles.

EDIT: What was your point in mentioning the price of consoles? because PC gamers are rich and they can easily pay $300 in a console? is that it?

dizzleK3072d ago

if you want 2nd rate games, more power to you.

hennessey863072d ago

i will just stop playing games. I have never been into portable gaming and i never will. I like to chill out on my couch or bed to play games and i want a huge screen not a little one you need a magnifieing glass for

BubblesDAVERAGE3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Gaming is here to stay so is pc and portable....but I think portable gaming and cell phones is the future ...and im not talking iphone

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