Brutal Legend 2 scrapped, Tim Schaffer to work on "indie-style" games for foreseeable future

During a talk at the 2010 Develop Conference in Brighton, England, Double Fine headman and video game developer legend Tim Schafer said his studio now has four projects in development and none of them is Brutal Legend 2.

He admitted the company is working on "indie-style" games, which may be downloadable. Schafer's video game output has rarely failed to impress critics, but sales have sometimes been lower than expected.

Schafer said the "indie approach" will let them play with different demographics which should give them "more chances at having a hit game."

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ClownBelt2993d ago

Brutal Legend was a disaster. Even at $5 dollars retail price, no one still wants to pick it up.

rroded2993d ago

sp is one of the funess and fresh games ive ever played

coulda done without jack black but still dude suited the role fine

mp aint for everyone sure but its there for those who do

RememberThe3572993d ago

The dialogue was great and the story was awesome. The RTS stuff was a little out of place but his orders were hilarious. Jack Black killed it (in a good way).

NecrumSlavery2993d ago

Brutal Legend was super awesome except for the RTS elements which felt weird.

Spenok2992d ago

I have to disagree. I paid $60 for this game when it came out, and i fully loved it.

NonApplicable2993d ago

Heh, it was only scrapped because it sold poorly. It only sold poorly because it didn't have enough of that "Schaffer Magic".

Zydake2993d ago

Aw man I loved that game. One of the greatest games I played.

Pen Pooh2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

That's three words. Just sayin'.

SuperStrokey11232993d ago

Does 2 count as a word? I see it as 2 words and a number really. Just sayin' ;)

Lombax2993d ago

Dude still has a good point.

Just saiyan...

Anon19742992d ago

I was shocked that I was able to pick it up new for $15. Made me kinda sad because I'm a huge Tim Schafer fan. Grim Fandango is, in my opinion, the best adventure game ever made.

Haven't played through Brutal Legend yet as I've got a lot on my plate at the moment but I'm very much looking forward to giving this a go.

Spenok2992d ago

Lmao which Saiyan are you talking about? Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Broly, Goten, or Trunks...?

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chiwoo2993d ago

Brutal Legend was a great game but it got released with many AAA games comeing out at that time

RememberThe3572993d ago

Mirrors Edge shouldn't have come out during the holidays, they should have saved it for spring. Same goes for Brutal Legend. Maybe then we would be getting some freakin squeals, those morons...

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The story is too old to be commented.