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A strong sense of humor is the backbone for this quirky adventure, but there is more to this game than a few silly jokes. The combat is simple, but there are so many spells and items to play around with that it stays consistently entertaining. And the colorful visuals and infectious soundtrack add to the experience. A few truncated elements do serve as roadblocks, though. The stripped cooperative play adds little to the quest, and you don't have much say in how your character levels up. But DeathSpank is so charming and endearing that it's easy to lose hours to this quest trying to obtain another ancient artifact.

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Christopher3073d ago

Played the demo. It was okay, a good time waster. Probably going to wait and see if it gets a discount later on with PS+.

NecrumSlavery3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I really dug the demo. So I'm picking it up. I like that it has co-op. And the environments are artistic. It's definitely a cool rpg. The downloadable community is really taking off with great games.

Looking forward to:
Limbo - XBL
Journey - PSN
Lost in Shadow - WiiWare

AusWarrior3073d ago

I bought it yesterday, highly recommend to any RPG/adventure fan who loves cools artstyles.

maawdawg3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

I grabbed this on Weds night and it has taken all my gaming time since. Great graphics, great writing, and good action. Considering I would have to pay close to $15 to see a 2 hour movie in 3D around here, having this game weigh in at 8-12 hours and be here whenever I want to play it from now on is a bargain.

It reminds me in pace, style, comic style, and coloration of MediEvil on PS.

Baltis3073d ago

It's hard to justify psn games at 15 bucks. It really is. There are some worth it. Joe Danger is one. But, man, this is a hard sell. More so because who is to say that this won't get cut to 10 bucks on a sale next month? Or with a PS+.

I find that small dev's deserve the 15 bucks, and maybe even more, with these DL games if they are good. But there is just no value in them past a play or two on a great many.

You can't sell them.
You have no book or case.
You only own them as long as the service is available/viable.

Again, hard sell these days for me. I'm starting to get burnt out on the shallow nature of most of these DL games. They just don't have the quality of a nes game even. Not really. I mean, Zelda was a small game in storage size yet seems like it's worth the 50 bucks they asked for it back in the day. Even with MP and co-op these dl games just don't do it for me.

Axecution3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

15 dollars is hard to justify on any PSN game really. I love some of those games - hell i couldn't tell you the number of hours i put into Stardust HD [i could if it didn't reset the timer with every update though lol] - but it almost feels like you're paying for nothing.
It's the same with buying movies off iTunes, or games off Steam. (i rent movies off iTunes though sometimes). I understand the value in them, but i just think a hard copy makes everything so much more... worth purchasing. Obviously i'm not asking for "DeathSpank" or "Stardust HD" to be released on a disc. That's clearly impossible and stupid, but i always feel like having the game on the shelf makes it "my" game.

Im not saying i dont buy PSN games. I do. As i do songs off iTunes, CDs, games off Steam, Blu-ray discs, renting movies off iTunes, etc. I just don't see any real logic in spending 15 dollars on a PSN game (or Steam game, or iTunes movie)

I don't even resell my games either. Besides MW2 i've never traded a game in... I just like having a collection, and knowing that it's MY collection rather than... my hard drives collection? if that makes sense...

Keith Olbermann3073d ago

I have several DL games worth their money. Wipeout HD, Warhawk, Pixel Junk Eden, Monsters and Shooter, Flower,and more. Im downloading Deathspank now. This game can run you 8 to 10 hours and it looks like alot of fun for 15 bucks. I want more games like this and I feel its well worth the price.

NecrumSlavery3073d ago

I don't like the knocking on PSN. The price of DLC is hit and miss across all platforms. But I have found a new delemna, I am a PS+ member and I am always afraid to bit stuff cause it'll go on sale after I buy it. I like saving but hate waiting. I waited for Trine to drop to $15 from $20, and I am glad. It's a great game, but $20 was a bit much. But the games I bought day one like Shooter and Flower, I would of gladly payed more for. It's all personal opinion.

spunnups3073d ago

Is that Qwark from Ratchet and Clank? Sounds just like him.

Ravage273073d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if they use the same voice actor

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