Naughty Dog creative director quits to join Ready at Dawn

Arey worked on games in the hit Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series, plus forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. He held the title of creative director, as he will do at RAD - which was itself formed by former Naughty Dog staff and is best known for producing PSP spin-off Daxter.

"Naughty Dog and Sony were a wonderful ride, and it was an experience I'll never forget," Arey told in an interview.

"Ready at Dawn reminds me of where we were at Naughty Dog about eight years ago... RAD and my philosophy about character and IP development match very well. Designing visually interesting, compelling, emotionally rich characters, tied inextricably to great gameplay, is something we both love to do."

Arey leaves Naughty Dog with some time to go before Uncharted hits the shelves, but said his work on the project was already complete when he made the decision to move on.

According to Arey, Uncharted will be "A great game... People will be happy they have a PS3 once they've played Drake's Fortune."

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D R Fz3884d ago

"The great thing about the RAD development pipeline is that it has been cross-platform - PSP / Windows - from the beginning, which means the technology can migrate to any platform. For example, I've seen God of War running on Windows; it's only for development purposes but it's still a kick to see!"

I wonder what this means? O well, regardless of what console their games are for, I have complete faith in their talents. Now all they have to do is deliver.

He also made a great comment when he stated:

"But soon the PS3 will have more games that everyone will want to play, and with a price point reduction - who knows? I must say that I love the Wii and Xbox 360 as well. This is a great hardware cycle; lots of innovation, and three horses in the race which are very different from each other...Competition makes everyone work harder and that will make the games better. With Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all working and hanging tough, the consumer will ultimately benefit."

It's great to be a gamer.

Lord Anubis3883d ago

it means that when you make a PSP title you do it on the PC with PSP emulation technology. That's the reason PSP development kits are PCs.

Ready at dawn is composed of ex naughty dog programmers and artists. I'm curious to see what they will do with the PS3 hardware.

hikikimori3884d ago

More cash! Good for you.

Adamalicious3883d ago

Cool. Daxter was top notch - hope to see more goodness from [email protected]

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