Game console fan boys…get a life

Many products garner an undue amount of adoration from their fans. Take Apple for instance: the Mac inspired a whole cult of people who believe that PC's are evil and Macs were the saving grace given to them by God

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power of Green 3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Watch its going to be a known Bias fanatical Contributor that post this news. The kind that's more focused on making his non console of choice look bad than actual useful news for gamers in general. LOL J/K or am I?.

Rattles3881d ago

owned the PSX (served me well)PS2 (bloody good) and now a PS3 dose that make me a fanboy??. i will probly never own a xbox (probly) like i said i got good use out of the PSX and PS2 why should i change now???