Use those gaming PCs for a good cause - a refresher on Folding @ Home

The Stanford University [email protected] project has been kicking around for a long time now. Perhaps you're new to it, or forgot about it. Team 93 leader Michael "K" Wilson is here to refresh your memory.

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Jamegohanssj53051d ago

Lulzing in your home.


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moe843051d ago

Been folding for a while.

Something good to do while you aren't gaming or streaming vids. Just keep in mind, cooling can be an issue. [email protected](unless you adjust the settings) will run your gpu core @ about 98-99%. After a few hours the room your rig is in can get quite toasty. So plan ahead. Keep an eye on your temps for the first day or so. Make sure you don't have a huge mess of cables restricting airflow. Add an intake fan or two if you don't already have some. Placing an external fan(like a box fan) near by can help keep the air moving and cool things off a little. If you're on liquid, cooling shouldn't be an issue =)

Be sure to keep an eye on your cpu temps. Although the gpu clients won't use the cpu... much, all that radiant heat over time can heat up the rest of your pc.


We have 30 members, mostly from GamePro, and are ranked 3000. We need your help.

dorron3050d ago

I would want to know what would happen if an hyppothetical cure was found. Would it end in a medic company's hands for them to sell at huge prices????

I ain't interested in [email protected] because noone knows what are the results gonna be used for...


The same happens to those who donate blood. In a way it's pretty low for them to do this. They take advantage of people with blood donations and then turn around and charge the patient for it which in turn gets paid by the insurance company.

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