Blacksite: Area 51 being released in Australia before the rest of the world

Gameplayer reports that the Australian release date of Blacksite: Area 51 has not been pushed back in line with the US, and that the game will be released there before both the US and Europe.

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Rattles3945d ago

good news for us still not realy entrested in this one.

Bazookajoe_833945d ago

But since europe is one day behind it doesnt realy matter to me... Does anyone know if this will have splitscreen??? If it has it´s probably a buy for me =)

erosevaporator3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

EDIT: sorry, lol, I just realized that the date format was just different. Hooray for you guys!

Ignorant Fanboy3945d ago

Im from the US, but I like it when someone who is used to getting the shaft, gets some love for once.

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