Top 4 PS3 Exclusives That Deserve a Sequel

Several PS3 exclusives have firmly cemented a place into a gamers hearts, yet sadly, many of them didn’t get a sequel. PlayStation LifeStyle lists their top 4 PS3 exclusives deserving of a sequel.

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NYC_Gamer3071d ago

why is lair on that list?everything else i agree with though

Vojkan3071d ago

LAIR? Come on now, flying games suck! Thats so PS1 like ACE Combat was huge back then. I am sorry that studio Factor had to close and they had unannonced PS3 project that got canned cause of that. Concept art looked really awesome, in a way Dead Space look.

villevalorox3071d ago

Demon's souls all the way :)

redking3153071d ago

you would be wanting flow/ flower/ journey. that is thatgamecompanys next announced game.

blitz06233071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

It says 'deserve a sequel' and Lair does deserve a chance to turn the franchise around. Assassin's Creed I wasn't that good. AC2 was great

Reibooi3071d ago

Remove Lair and add Folklore and you have a perfect list.


Folklore really NEEDS a sequel...that game was awesome, underrated and underapreciated.

As for LAIR... the first wasnt a bad game. By no means the disastrous game the media wanted us to believe. It worked great and you have to practice to get acostumed to the controls. Just like a Wii, Kinect and MOve game.

Anyway if Sony finds a visionary dev up to the task I want to see Lair 2 with an open and gigantic "sandbox" world, with missions ordered by different characters in castles and towns. More like a flying RPG like Panzer Dragon Saga.

If they do that... count me in. Also Santa Monica could develop any one of these: LAIR 2 or Heavenly Sword. I salivate over a Lair developed by these masterfull minds...


Christopher3071d ago

I wouldn't go for Lair or Folklore. Valkyria Chronicles deserves a true sequel on the PS3, though there is one for the PSP coming out. If not that, then a Heavy Rain sequel would fit the last spot from me.

ThanatosDMC3071d ago

Ace Combat is still huge. It was just exclusive to the 360. The PSP version isnt bad either. Ace Combat AI is so much better than HAWX. If only they can make an Ace Combat game with the amount of enemies in HAWX and it's co-op multiplayer... ::droolz::

sikbeta3071d ago

Lets see:

1·DemonSoul -> Of Course!
2·Heavenly Sword -> Yes!
3.Warhawk -> Warhawk sequel will be Starhawk [?]
4·Lair -> Nah, let this game alone, it gained too much hate, doesn't even worth...

Luzce3071d ago

Completely agree with Valkyria Chronicles needing a PS3 sequel. More people need to play this game. I was so disappointed with how they handled the aftermath of this game. The anime sucked and VC2 was announced for the PSP. I guess that it doesn't matter if the game had fantastic reviews if it didn't make money. :(

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nikkisixx23071d ago

i personally couldn't stand lair, even after the controls patch

Godmars2903071d ago

Give it a GTA/RDR type world, make it more Panzer Dragoon, and it'll do better.

Vojkan3071d ago

yeah sure, i hear sony cant wait to invest another 20 million in mega flop Lair 2, give it a rest. Not every PS3 exclusive has to be AAA. Game was bad, case closed. How about Folklore 2 or Valkyria Chronicles 2 or 3 on PS3. Lair out of all those games. Genji 2 was more fun then Lair.

XxZxX3071d ago

genji 2?? dont make me go giant crab on you


That would be the 3rd one. Yeah I would love to see a new Genji game. The first one has some incredible graphics that still compete with todays games. Too bad the camera hampered the fun.

Just imagine a new Genji game by none other than Santa Monica studio!! That would be an ONIMUSHA KO.

Ohh!! I forget!! CRAPCOM bring us another ONYMUSHA!! If exclusive the better.


Jamegohanssj53071d ago

I enjoyed Lair especially when it was patched to be used with the controller. They should have also fixed the glitches in it. It could have been a lot better. I only payed 15 bucks for it.


ABizzel13071d ago

Liar was not as bad as people make it out to be. And I'm sure most people who complain about it haven't played the game. Lair could have been so much better if the took more time on it. The game felt like it had another year of deveopment to go, and it probably did, but Sony needed good games to come out to help push console sales.

I think Lair deservese to be on this list and it would be an amazing game if a developer was willing to pick it up and make it over.

But I agree I'd rather have Folklore 2.

cLiCK_sLiCK93071d ago

Lair wasnt all THAT bad. I wouldve enjoyed Liar more if these reviewers weren't so biased back then. IMHO people exaggerated.

FFXI1013071d ago

I agree, I had good time playing it.

Daver3071d ago

Demon's souls and Lair for me. 2 of my best games this generation

No Way3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I need more games for my PS3, I should go pick up Lair.
Give it a try, should be really cheap to, so why not.

But, on topic, the only one on this list I've played is Warhawk.
Great game. A second would be greatly welcomed.
Hmm, I needa go pick up Demon Souls, though!
Heard it was 'fantastic.' So, def gotta get that.

Jaces3071d ago

Lair could have been something awesome, they just had a fallout with the controlls.

Demons Souls...YES PLEASE!

meganick3071d ago

PixelJunk Monsters seriously needs a sequel. That's a great game.

Ravage273071d ago

but i guess Shooter sold better. I know i must have sunk at least 100+ hours into both PJM PS3 and the PSP PJM Deluxe.

Sony please make Demon's Souls 2!!!!

SolidAhmed3071d ago

please make it happen

am done with 2 versions us and asian

soon i will play European.

what more i could say

bring it on From software

PopEmUp3071d ago

why there no Folklore that game was awesome just the sale was low but the game were great

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Sev3071d ago

I was one of those few people that actually liked Lair. I'd definitely buy a sequel. I wonder if SCEA owns the rights to the IP?

Trexman893071d ago

never played it....heard horror stories from people about it

doctorstrange3071d ago

But only after the control patch

Sev3071d ago

I forgot all about the control patch, I enjoyed it pre-patch. People just weren't willing to give it a chance.

The level design was poor. In the right hands a Lair sequel could be fantastic.

doctorstrange3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

It had promise, yet failed to deliver fully on them

XxRoosterxX3071d ago

a chance at launch, but the controls were just too awful for me to overcome.

I would have had a better chance of trying to teach my dragon calculus than trying to make it do a 180 degree turn.

Focker-4203071d ago

How does that get disagrees?? You guys must've never actually played it.

Demon's Souls is my top choice.

T9X693071d ago

Lair absolutely does not deserve a sequel, it was horrible. Demon's Souls does though, without a doubt.

Trexman893071d ago

Yes on Warhawk (starhawk) and hell yes on Demon's Souls......idk about lair.