Take-Two Hardly Pleased By All-Pro Football Reception

Take Two, this just isn't your day. Or year. Despite having the very best intentions with their All-Pro Football 2K8 game (namely given Madden any, competition), things haven't gone too well. Yeah, it looks like the same old NFL2K game, but without the NFL teams it's fallen a little flat. Like, nobody's buying it. Prompting CEO and President Ben Feder to state during a conference call today that:

"We're not terribly pleased and not disappointed. We're watching closely and are going to react proactively when Madden comes out. We know we're in competition with them."

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MikeJonesOK3887d ago

I would have brought it if it was 25 bucks like 2k5 or at least 35. I mean this one doesn't even have the NFL license! DAMN YOU EA! DAMN YOU!

tethered3887d ago

It does suck.
Paid $60.00 and it sucks.

Oh well.

Rythrine3887d ago

This game is beautiful graphically. No disrespect to the legends in it but I want the updated rosters. That is the one thing that made me change my mind about getting this game. As much as I hate EA for milking the game every year, I just have to buy Madden every year because of the NFL license. There's really no other options out there.

FCOLitsjustagame3886d ago

What kills it for me is no franchise. I build a team with some overrated players and some no bodies, play a season, have to start over and build another team.

I wish there were no legends (except maybe as unlockables) that you just had a selection of players like in NCAA (yes I know they are supposed to be someone, but prove it), that you could build your team and then use drafting\recruiting to continue to make your team better.

Sure I may never get around to playing more then 2-3 seasons but it gives the sense of longevitiy and makes it easier for me to part with my $60. Now I am still undecided.

I was NOT impressed with NCAA 08 demo altough the 07 someone loaned me is ok. I expect no real improvements in madden although it seems better then the crpfest of 06. I feel that the only way EA will ever bring madden and NCAA finally into the next gen is if they get lower sales so I have a hard time justifying paying full price for those halfassed games. Thus I feel I should buy 2k....but since its missing an entire mode I again feel I am getting ripped off at $60 (though I am told by a friend who has it that the details that madden ignores are at least there).

I go back and forth trying to decide which to get. If my friend lets me keep NCAA 07 for a while I may just skip them all and pick up one of the hockey games to go along with all the non sports games I am going to get. Ironically which hockey game is going to be a tough choice since EA has competition they actually try to make a good game for that sport.

Jack Bauer3886d ago

judging by the demo it had nothing on NFL 2K5.

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