Which Directors Will Get to Helm Gears of War for New Line? claims that Len Wiseman, whose credits include the two Underworld films and Live Free or Die Hard, may direct Gears of War for New Line Cinema. Wiseman is perhaps better known as the husband of the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. (That is the reason why guys want to become directors and filmmakers.)

The screenplay for Gears of War was written by Stuart Beattie and is slated for 2009 release, but pre-production has barely begun.

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D_U_I3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

That would p*ss gears fans off...

EDIT:::::::::Hahaa.. i own a ps3 hahaa

ISay3766d ago

thats funny new line is owned by disney and they already support bluray as thier hi def standard, (i belive thats correct)youll have to get a ps3 to watch gears of war, ha ha

Like a shadow I am3766d ago

It's owned by Time Turner since the 1990s.

BubblesDAVERAGE3766d ago

If you seen live free and underworld...he could make a great gears of war movie

boi3766d ago

well but anything based on games just ended up downhill you know...

it doesn't matter if its with a good Director...they see things different then the games stories

So I know it will be disappointing but if not then it will be average but won't be a classic

THX71683766d ago

What a lucky bastard!!!

Anyway, I think if they make this a live action Gears movie it will completely suck. I would love to see the movie completely in CG. That way we can keep all the characters the same and have all the original voices. Seeing Marcus Fenix without hearing John DiMaggio would just horribly rape this movie and burn it alive (in other words it would suck donkey balls).

ParaDise_LosT3766d ago

an actors gonna need some horse steroids to play as Mascus Fenix xD
But yeah, I think the movie will be great Underworld was nice so :D

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