gamrReview: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

gamrReview writes:

"Forgotten Sands is a solid concept. It dares to innovate a little, without getting downright weird. The platforming is a blast, and the combat is good enough, if a little bit shallow. With a little more polish, some more replay value in the form of things to do after you’ve completed the game, and a better combat system, this could have been a truly brilliant game. But even in its current state, it’s definitely worth a try for any fan of the Sands of Time trilogy, or indeed PoP 2008."

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Duke_Silver3075d ago

nice job with the spam!

great review BTW!

Spectator13075d ago

@spdk - pot kettle errr, oh wait, me too :(

Duke_Silver3075d ago

true true

but in all seriousness I need to check out that new POP game, I haven't really liked one since the sands of time, and this sounds pretty solid

senseinobaka3075d ago

Hm..I may give it a look too. I was worried it would be a cheap movie cash-in