What Happened To The Survival Horror Genre?

Jeff Schenning over at poses the question of what has happened to the survival horror genre and why are they all becoming shoot-em-ups.
With this generation of comsoles the popularity of first person shooters has made a genuine survival horror game a rare thing. Should we mourne this fact or just accept the trend?

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Ever since this gen started all these developers are slowly killing off every genre until there's only one left......'FPS'

piroh3075d ago

it's the scariest game i've ever played

hope the new Silen Hill will be true horror

EVILDEAD3603073d ago

NOTHING will come close to the true Fatal Frame or the first two Silent Hill games.

The grandfather of the all Resident Evil has simply evolved into an action game..

Dead Space and the original F.E.A.R. that combined action with AUTHENTIC scares..

The truth is it's hard for the genre to be considered a great business move for developers..which is why 'Deadly Premonition' is a budget game..I still can't wait to get time to play it

This is ultimately why developers add actiaon etc. to appeal to more Dead Space and Resident Evil 5..

Unfortunately, it's just hard t justify 60 dollars for those types of experiences for the average gamer

Still can't wait for FEAR 3 and Dead Space 2 though



I wan't Siren Blood Curse.

But it is only available for PSN. Bad thing they didn't release the game in a Blu ray disc.

jc485733075d ago

I'm still waiting for a good survival horror where it doesn't have to be a full shoot em up. There are some, but they are easy to forget.

Apocalypse Shadow3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

i'm not blaming that that is out of the way,i can say what i want to say.

all this started on 360.360 is basically,a PC in a box.PC developers thought to themselves that they can port their games easily to 360 and they did.they ported shooter franchises,created new shooter franchises and a lot of them became successful.which in turn,led to more shooters being made.PC shooter fans no longer needed to upgrade PCs to play the latest looked and played almost as good on need for the latest graphics card.

ps3 then releases.these same third party developers think that they can recreate that success on,seeing that shooters are successful in english speaking countries,has to make shooters as well.they create new ones and remake one of their old franchises into this generation's graphics leader.

third parties in japan see that shooters are successful and making lots of money,end up having to rethink what will sell in companies like capcom,namco,konami,etc,start westernizing their games.even square,a jrpg leader,starts to westernize their now the trend is twitchy finger shooter games.

the only difference is that sony was able to offset this trend with their 20 plus developers and make other type of games that they're known for.but still make a traditional horror game like SIREN.what needs to happen is that capcom needs to go back to resident evil's roots.needs to make a new clock tower now that they own the franchise.konami needs to put silent hill back in the japanese developer's hands that made silent hill a hit.only then will great horror gaming return.

so it's not the's the trend that started with 360.i won't say wii as metroid didn't start this trend.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3075d ago're blaming the 360?

leapfrogger3075d ago

If you want survival horror, look at Penumbra and the upcoming game Amnesia.