Tiger Woods golf video game sales plummet compared to a year ago

Tiger's affairs and personal turmoil took a toll on sales of his game.

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Forbidden_Darkness3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Do you know how many guys have done the same thing? Yet just because he's famous, i world acts like he's the only one thats committed that sin. God Damn the media and everything.

nagato4life3073d ago

maybe no one wants to play a golf game with the games that are currently coming out

Forbidden_Darkness3073d ago

Yes, but i am sure it's a great deal of the people thinking he's some kind of unholy sinner. Alot of guys who had that many girls after them, would commit the same sin.

foss33073d ago

maybe people are thinking twice about shelling out $60 a year on a sports title with only little or superficial changes.

i would love to see sports titles go DLC and have regular updates for a small fee. a dev could refine and develop the game and keep rosters and players up to date and make money.

sports titles are different than other games. i wouldn't mind paying for a new game every year IF there was enough to justify a new title. with sports games that is very rarely the case.