Top 3 Most Over Hyped Games In Recent Memory

There comes a time when the hype becomes too much for the game, and well the game ends up not being nearly as good as the hype was. Today GATT Editor GamerX takes a look at 3 of these games, and why he thinks they missed the mark. Games from this list are only released games, Duke Nukem Forever doesn’t count.

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Brewski0073073d ago

I agree with final fantasy xiii being on that list. I had it reserved for AGES before it came out and couldnt wait for it.

To be honest . . . i'd also add Modern Warfare 2. The only game I ever queued for on its launch night. It was Massively over-hyped.

Information Minister3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

YOU DID WHAT?! Queued up for MW2 on launch night? Damn!!! I suddenly feel much better for wasting €70 on such a broken game a few days after launch. Don't tell me you bought the map packs as well... That would be adding insult to injury.

But back on topic: MW2, Bayonetta and Alan Wake were a lot more over-hyped than Fable 2.

Brewski0073072d ago

Nah i didnt buy the map packs............. thankfully!! haha I saw sense.

KiRBY30003073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

FF13 and MW2 are the kings of overhype in recent memory. the amount of hype MW2 managed to generate pre-launch was absolutely crazy.

RockmanII73073d ago

agree with FFXIII and ODST, but not Fable. Also, although it wasn't as hyped as some other games, I think Lost Planet 2 was a pretty big let down.

lordgodalming3072d ago

If FFXIII was such an overhyped mess that we should just forget it ever existed, why do we still see articles about it every single day?

I'll tell you why--because it has fans who can't help but refute flamebait articles bashing it. Just like Halo, just like MW2, just like Gears, Uncharted, Alan Wake...the list goes on.

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Fanb0y3073d ago

As much as I hate to say it...

Yes. Conviction was a bit overhyped.

I had a ton of fun with it (except for some co-op missions where the objectives are vague), but I came out of it expecting more.

T9X693073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Where's Uncharted 2?

EDIT: Your point? GTA IV scored higher and received multiple awards but if you ask about that game you will get a different response.

Hmmmm lets see, it won all those awards and got high scores, yet me and most of my friends had it a week before selling it. So yea, safe to say it was over hyped.

Greywulf3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Can't say that about any other game this gen.

You walked right into a wall of pwn.

Xbox Fans are confused on what "OVERHYPING" is..

UC2 was hyped for:

1. Its Graphics - Which created a new bar for console games/pc games which its compared to.

2. Its Online - Which it was flopped for not having even though bioshock got away with it.

3. The technology - Which won GDC award for technical innovation.

Overhype is Alan Wake. You hype it for 6 years for the same reasons, and it falls on its face flat, as well as scores lowly.

Donny3073d ago

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Inside_out3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

UC 2 ( Gears wannabe ) and KZ 2 ( CGI wannabe ) definitely win the over hyped and disappointing awards...add that to your list of awards for those

UC 2 and KZ 2 are exclusive to PS3 and they are not even the top selling games on the system...that is over hyped. As a matter of fact, Halo ODST out sold those two games COMBINED. Sony kids just don't get it. Even the Sony kids want the 360 developed games over the PS3 exclusives.

If you had a vote tomorrow among people who actually PLAY games, UC 2 and KZ 2 would be in the bottom of there genre's...EVERYBODY knows that. MW2 has sold 20+ million ( 8+ million PS3 ) closed. The media made UC 2 the poster boy for gaming, not the gamers. Thankfully those are awards that UC or KZ will NEVER get...most sold, most profitable, most played on line and most loved. The gamers have spoken, keep listening to the 100 or so gaming media. Could you imagine if KZ or UC had sold 10+ million, you'd never here the end of it from these

The guy is just trying to generate hits and take pot shots at what will no doubt be the beating Sony is about to take this holiday season with Halo Reach, Fable 3 and KINECT rocking up the charts. ALL the 360 multi-plats always outsell, play and look better than PS3 versions.

@greywolfy...he must have nightmares of AW awesome graphics...just for you grey, help you

AW's great reviews...

Incredible gameplay...

BTW...AW has sold 545,000 in 8 wks...

Hudahudahuda3073d ago

Who gives a crap if you and your drooling friends sold it within a week? Your personal experience speaks for everyone? I sold Mass Effect within a week and therefore it's overrated?

Different strokes for different folks. Learn that and apply it in your reasoning. The objective quality is still there.

Microsoft Xbox 3603073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Typical xbox fanboy playing sales. Like that really shows the quality of the product.

-The Hurt Locker movie sweeped the Oscar Awards and many other awards but that movie didn't profit much. You can't take away it's achievements because Avatar the movie outsold it ten fold.

-The HTC Evo is arguably the best phone out there. But will you dethrone it because Apple sold 1.8 million iPhone 4's on day one? Let's not forget the widespread antenna and proximity sensor issues.

Now lets take a look at the much overhyped Alan Wake. Not only did it fail in ratings but the game did not deliver on it's graphical promises. The gameplay was also average and it took about 5 years to develop. How did it do in sales? By your Xbox fanboy standards, it flopped hard because it didn't sell a million copies. Talk about failing on all fronts.

Skizelli3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

"Overhype is Alan Wake. You hype it for 6 years for the same reasons, and it falls on its face flat, as well as scores lowly."

You do realize that it was originally going to be a PC game and went through several concepts before it saw the light of day, right? The original tech demo back in 2006 (4 years ago, not 6) -- which ran on an Intel Quad Core, a processor that was brand new at the time -- was nothing short of amazing. When word got out about a 360 release, nobody expected the 360 to pull that off, and many were disappointed when it became a 360 exclusive because they knew the quality would take a major hit.

As for scores, opinions will vary. EGM gave it a 9.0/9.5 and it currently holds a 83 on Metacritic and 84% on GameRankings. Does everything have to be above a 9 to be considered worthy to you spoiled brats these days? Have you actually played Alan Wake or are you one of those lambs that believes what everyone says so long as it's convenient for you?

Lich1203073d ago

How is uncharted a Gears wannabe?! They play completely differently. The only similarity is the 3rd person shooter aspect which still feels very different between both games.

Also, Uncharted 2's single player was better than Gears. I give the multiplayer crown to Gears though (not gears 2, screw that noise)

Krimmson3072d ago

You heard it here folks. Any game with a cover system is officially a Gears of War ripoff.

Despite the fact that Kill.Switch came out 3 years before Gears of War, but no one really remembers that game, so we give credit to a game that took two game engines (Kill.Switch and Resident Evil 4. Cliffy B said it himself, not me) and put it in a blender and added a chainsaw gun.

redsquad3072d ago

Oh, you and your chums didn't like it ergo it's 'overated' - Okay, end of story, T9X69 has spoken. Or maybe it's just that you wouldn't appreciate or even recognise good story telling, well realised characters and immersive gameplay if it punched you in the face.

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candystop3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Where's LBP?

edit below: You can have all the rewards you want because for all we no thats just typical media BS. If the game were that good we would see millions playing it online still to this day.

Seijoru3073d ago

Its not like most PS3 games before late 2008 received a lot of bullshit from the media and bias in which the games were rated much more harshly.

Lich1203073d ago

I really did not care for LBP, felt more like a cool level editor than a fun game. Keep in mind this is my opinion, Im not saying its bad, I just didn't like it. (I can feel my bubbles disappearing with this comment)

Donny3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

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microsoft-soldiers3073d ago

explain to the troll. there was a beta for uncharted 2

turok3073d ago

reedit ur list LF. ur list and arguement is valid but when ''best graphics'' gets literally listed on more than one occasion can`t help but feel pity on the fail of ur list. best graphics should only need to be listed once not like this:

best graphics...
..... graphics.....
dont repeat when it's not needed.

0oAngeluso03073d ago

I also loved Conviction. If anything I'd say Heavy Rain and Mod Nation Racers were a letdown.

oldjadedgamer3073d ago

I get it. You love xbox. you hate playstation.

and you don't really understand the idea of being overhyped.

but you have to defend the xbox games. try reading the article next time

0oAngeluso03073d ago

I just think Fable 3 and ODST were solid. I thought Heavy Rain was a bit boring, it was super hyped. I can throw in Killzone 2 as well. It was hyped since 2005, came out and 2 months later people weren't playing it. The most GB teams on it were less then 100.

So yeah. I also think MW2 was hyped and a letdown.
Please don't call me a fanboy, you know nothing about me.

oldjadedgamer3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

That's not the point. You can love a game that was overhyped.

MNR and HR were not nearly as hyped as the other games. It all comes down to advertising, and MS is known for extreme advertising. So much that most games can't live up to it.

Your 2nd statement is misleading (if you are telling the truth) by saying how all the PS3 games are hyped and MS games are not. Because thats just being biased and untrue

Edit: I only own a 360 and a wii, so trying to bash PS3 games does not affect me at all. I just try to stay open-minded by knowing what "overhyped" really means

Sitris3073d ago

Hmmm, right in front of me is more than 40 games that look almost full to me! Stop this BS killzone 2 still has a vivid online community and is consitantly in the top 8 most played online games on playstation. Sure the DLC maps aren't played all that much, but the normal game maps are being played a heap.

eggbert3073d ago

your a fanboy, looking through your comments its obvious that you like the 360 since most of your comments are praising the 360/kinect/etc. Being a fanboy isn't bad unless your a fanatical one, which you don't seem to be, so be a proud fanboy at least and support your favorite system. I personally am a PS3 fanboy, but I at least try not to troll.

I do have to say its kind of unnecessary to bring up Heavy Rain and Mod Nation Racers. It just seems like your throwing in ps3 exclusives into the list to make yourself feel better, seeing as they have nothing to do with the article.

And if your going to talk about long development times, why solely point out kz2 when games like Alan wake and Too Human had longer development times?

A LIVING LEGEND3073d ago memory,RDR in reality.

LeonSKennedy4Life3073d ago

I understand.

MW2 was extremely disappointing because of the phenomenal storyline and the endless online ranking system.

RDR was disappointing because it didn't have thugs roaming the streets and the characters actually stood out.

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