Last Shattered Dimensions Spider-Man Revealed by GameFly

While I can't even pretend to be knowledgeable about Spider-Man comics, I have still been intrigued by the concept of the upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Taking four versions of Spidey from four different comic book dimensions and cramming them into a single game seems like it'd make for an interesting experience.

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Quagmire3050d ago

Damn, was hoping for zombie or cosmic. This will do, makes sense what with all the growling and roaring of the teaser trailer.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3050d ago

I was hoping to high heaven it wouldn't be Symbiote. Not that he's not cool but been-there-done-that.

Shouldve been armored spider-man.

Riddicrash3050d ago

I know it's probably real but it looks fake :S

orion4563050d ago

Somebody's taken the current confirmed boxart and photoshoped big white eyes onto it.
Beside's the symbiote suit doesn't belong in it's own universe.

Whitefox7893050d ago

Agreed man if nothing else the symbiote suit is in the Amazing Universe which is already confirmed. So I think the writer of the article should do some research before posting this.

Figboy3050d ago

besides, the Symbiote Suit is not a DIMENSION.

actually, it'd be pretty cool if the fourth dimension was the Spider-Man: Reign dimension. where Peter Parker is an old, disheveled, and retired Spider-Man, Mary Jane is dead, and most of his villains are also old, dead, or retired. then a Venom symbiote outbreak happens, and old Peter has to don the costume for one last time. it's very Dark Knight Returns.

i think the setting could be interesting.

anyway, this image is really fake though.

xino3050d ago

we Shattered Dimension is successful, then we cans ee SD 2 with Scarlet Spiderman and other unused ones.
I love Scartlet Spider suit so much! just badass!