June 2010 NPD Sales Data

The June 2010 NPD data report has been released which covers the hardware/software sales for the month.

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Valay3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The 360 JUST beat the Wii out this month. Not by much. Meanwhile, the DS continues to sell well.

Aquanox3022d ago

Nice, Xbox 360 back on first place.

The PS3 also had a sales boost. I wonder what originated this, maybe "Move" ?

Immortal Kaim3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Pretty good numbers all round really, everyone should be happy (yeah right) ;)

Edit: Can we all agree that the PSP is dead outside Japan? Sony really needs to do something special with the PSP2 if they want to remain competitive in the handheld space. A shame really, cause I really like my PSP :(

Solidus187-SCMilk3022d ago

but I guess that june is a better month for hardware sales as all the consoles are doing more than 1 weeks worth of sales more.

I think hat june may have been the first time in a while that sony had a good supply of ps3s as they went up alot. 360 sales were really good as expected. The DS is a beast wow.

thereapersson3022d ago

I'm going to go back to playing games on my console, and not sales on the internet. :)

You guys have fun!

mrcash3022d ago

Then why are you posting on this thread?

Ocelot5253022d ago

"the PS3 also had a sales boost. I wonder what originated this,"

summer vacation started and many kids want a rather next-gen activity than playing fetch with the dog?

darthv723022d ago

did mario lose in a gun fight to red dead 2 mos in a row?

NMC20073022d ago

Alan Wake and his wife got stomped to death by one of those RDR horses, later on Barry called the cops only to have a cop car come crashing into the police station, guess who was driving, yep, a horse from RDR, Barry was dead in seconds from the stomping of a lifetime.

Applegate3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

And once again reality smacks N4G in the face!!!

gaffyh3022d ago

Wow eedar and pachter were way off with predictions this month. Surprised that PS3 sold so well despite having no major game in June. Good numbers for Xbox as expected.

HolyOrangeCows3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

So the 360 has outsold the PS3 WW for the first time in 11 months, eh?
I wonder if it will last.

theKiller3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

it still got life!!

very nice for this gen. keep up the competition and we gamers won!! even though MS are doing very dirty tricks to gain money!!

what 360S offering now ps3 was offering in 2006!! and still it doesnt have blue ray and free online gaming!!

i truly think MS is ripping of customers but thats the customers problems!!

as a gamer this is good news so sony keep their support strong like now for ps3 until the end of the gen cycle!!

raztad3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


I dont understand th WW reference. Where are you getting WW figures from?

I think the PS3 is selling better because stocks are replenished again.

NegativeCreepWA3021d ago

I glad to see something out sell the wii, everyone here spends so much time hating the 360 and PS3 when we should all be hating the wii.

ConanOBrien3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The exclusive PS3rd needs to beat Wi1st and X362nd to save humankind...
i sense exclusive tears >>>>>>

AngryTypingGuy3021d ago

360 is the top selling console...just as it should be :-)

playnation3021d ago

i wonder what originated this... maybe 360 slim? loool

HolyOrangeCows3021d ago

"Trolling"? Wow, the truth hurts, doesn't it, Moderators?

sinclaircrown3021d ago

Shouldn't we be happy for the Wii? Hasn't the Wii generated an insane amount of cash into the gaming industry? Shouldn't we be excited to see what Ninentendo can do with all that money in R&D?

Love it or hate it, Nintendo brought something new to the table, and it paid off. Now they get the chance to bring something else. For all you know their next 'gimmick' might actually be something that blows gamers minds. With HD, 3D, BluRay.

You should be excited to see what the future holds for the once King of consoles now that they got a huge share of the market back.

NegativeCreepWA3021d ago

To me all the Wii did is make MS and Sony want to make games that my mother would play. Good for the industry, bad for me.

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leila013022d ago ShowReplies(9)
thereapersson3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

wrong reply

house3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

100k and the trolls come out to play and this isnt world wind sales is it

Imperator3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Overall, sales are great this month. Guess the price cuts on older 360 models did the trick.

IdleLeeSiuLung3022d ago

Except the Xbox 360 also outsold the PS3 in May.... The gap has just widened this month.

But yeah, a price cut always does the trick. Helped the PS3 numerous times as well as the 360... The cycle repeats!

SnuggleBandit3022d ago

^^ in America, yes

in the world, no

Montrealien3021d ago

So, when the PS3 outsells the 360 in NA. WE call out the marching band! IF they don;t, NA is not important anymore....This place is so strange..

/on topic

Great sales all around! WE live in a great time to have so many amazing consoles selling well enough to keep giving us great games. I love this industry!

edhe3021d ago


Why is it that Americans only care about the rest of the world when it comes to ps3 sales?

IdleLeeSiuLung3021d ago

Because America gets sales statistics every month and America happens to have the largest market share, about 50% of the world wide gaming market. That is more than Japan and Europe combined!

JD_Shadow3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. They cut the prices of the other models to make room for the new SKU, and that came out this month, too. It's not surprising in the least, as it's not every month that the 360 beats the Wii. You guys DO remember last year when Sony introduced the Slim and the price cut, and what they did to the NPD sales that next month, do you?

Not to mention that the PS3 was still having shortages hurting its sales (which Sony DOES need to get fixed).

And those that aren't 360 fanboys care about the rest of the world AS WELL (not JUST the "rest of the world") because those sales matter, too. If the 360 doesn't get a foothold in Japan (which they don't at ALL), guess what happens to Microsoft's chances to getting Japanese developer support? How about European developer support if the UK numbers don't hold up? And then what does that show the American developers about the strength of a system across ALL territories? If the system can only beat another in the territory in which it originated (which the 360 is doing), then it's not going to be AS attractive to put something exclusive onto a platform that only the US is going to be able to play. I'm sure EA and Take Two sees it this way, and they obviously do.

So yeah, you might want to START caring about "the rest of the world". But why do I have a feeling that the people who disagree with this won't JUST disagree with it or even say WHY?

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SWORDF1SH3022d ago

Now that Vgchartz as made a comeback on N4G, since the 360 as been winning may I add, I would like to point out that Vgchartz are way out for last month.

About 250,000 in the americas for PS3 and 520,000 in the america for 360.

Montrealien3021d ago

I don' t know about you, but I will still sleep at night.

jneul3021d ago

yeah it's like what I said they use estimation from the data they do get and always undertrack ps3, this time is by a whole whopping 90k, they are always nice towards the 360, but seriously they have doubted shortages for months on end now, despite lots of facts being around, now shortages are finally gone and ps3 does 300k, and x60 does 450k, so that is not impressive for the 360 considering ps3 did 500k in one week alone on slim release and I think about 1.5m ps3s was sold in a month world wide so basically even when x360 goes on sale over here it has no chance of going beyond what ps3 slim did

candystop3022d ago

It's good to see 360 kicking butt again. Nice sales all across but one console is definitely in dead last as usual. Heck even if Alan Wake isn't doing impressive things one can't deny overall 360's software sales destroy PS3's.

n4gno3021d ago

In your dreams delusional fanboy.. :)

PS3 sales worldwide, software and hardware, are better than xbox since more than 2 years, just check the reality.

KwietStorm3021d ago

And you get some kind of joy from this?

J-Smith3022d ago

it's your monthly masturbation time xbox360 supporters LoL

watch the xbox360 sales fall next month to

Applegate3022d ago

Yeah and right about this time of the months PS3 fanboys get a reality check, oh and a bucket full of tears too!

MRMagoo1233021d ago

i dont really care that 360 sold well in america it always sells well there but its still gonna be losing ww as usual do some americans really believe that there is no places outside of the USA just incase you didnt realise there are loads and loads of other countries you may have seen them on the tv.

candystop3021d ago

Stop excluding USA from WW figures. Once you put it in the mix the 360 easily outsell PS3 and has been distancing itself for months now. After this holiday the trend will be realized. 360 has the potential to gain much more market share so keep on thinking it's not winning.

MRMagoo1233021d ago

prove it. i dont expect a reply because it wont happen

and also who didnt include the USA sales i didnt say once they didnt count i said ww sales which by definition means the world wide sales as in the whole world once again you prove my point about some americans thinking USA = the world

before you have a rant too notice i say some not all because there are americans that arent ignorant or retarded.

scofios3021d ago

Don't say that guys like Applegate might commit suicide . If they know that the rest of the world don't give a shit about the there lord and master microsoft .

demonddel3021d ago

y every time the npd numbers comes out some fool always says america dont equals the world [email protected]^ it outsells all countries

scofios3021d ago

Every time they show the NPD numbers some poor uneducated trailer park guy ^^ thinks usa = world

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Consoldtobots3022d ago

I find these numbers MEANINGLESS as the 360 has no exclusives.

Consoldtobots3022d ago

oh excuse me,
no exclusives worth talking about.

how's that?

CernaML3021d ago


I didn't know that this year was already over...


MAG, HR, GOW3, WKC, Y3, MNR and 3DDGH make 7 PS3 exclusives so far in 2010.


X360 only got 2, AW and C2... Even if add the PC multiplats ME2, SCC and M2033, it still got beaten by PS3 exclusive lineup so far. Unless I'm missing something.

insomnium3021d ago

Way to go bishop! How about that Bravo?

secksi-killer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

just another butt-hurt fanturd. you post is meaninless loser.

i know its difficult for idiotic fanturds like you to handle, but sonys days of domination are over.

just do what i did, and buy both consoles, you know you mite even grow up a bit

Strikepackage Bravo3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I said exclusives, I didn't say blockbusters and or AAA games. 360 has exclusives that are completely overlooked by the media every year because they are not massive budget games.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior just came out, this game is the perfect example of what Im talking about. Low budget exclusive, but still a great game to many; yet completely ignored by the gaming media.

PS3 no longer gets these low budget gems because the cell is a fortune to work with.

No exclusive on PS3 is ignored by the gaming media by the way, no matter how insignificant it is, thats just how the Sony bias in the media works.

Sitdown3021d ago

if the 360 has no exclusives, would that not make these numbers all the more meaningful? That a console with "no exclusives, as you put it, is able to outpace a console in the US that carries the same games plus exclusives, while offering a bluray player with wifi built in from the jump? The console that only does everything? Yeah....great logic on your part....way to take part in an article with "meaningless" numbers.

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Strikepackage Bravo3022d ago

The 360s was released in early june NOT the beginning of june. You also have to keep in mind it took about week for units to hit shelves after release, and even then supplies were quite limited. None of this changes the fact it is PS3 that is doomed to 3rd place for the rest of this gen.

moparful993021d ago

I, as most other ps3 users, could care less if the ps3 finishes first,second, or 23rd. Point is that it is still neck and neck with the 360 despite microsoft spoon feeding you and your xbox brethren that its the end all be all of consoles. Remember the first xbox? Laughed out of the industry by sony and the ps2, you really think that a gap of 4.5 million consoles at this point is anything to brag about let alone declare victory over?? Wow you microsoft sack suckers are really desperate for something to rejoice about aren't you? It must be a sad existence devoting yourself to a company...

Sitdown3021d ago

1.)How was the original xbox laughed out of the industry by Sony and the ps2? 2.)You do realize victory for Microsoft is not necessarily being in 1st place at this end of this console generation, but greatly increasing his fanbase from the original, so that it will be in place for a third console. 3.)How can you say that Microsoft is spoon feeding individuals that its the "end all be all of consoles", when its Sony who has the advertising of "it only does everything". 4.)Your oversight of the 3 points above, makes one wonder if you to have a "sad existence devoting yourself to a company". 5.)I say all this without necessarily being in agreement with Strikepackage Bravo's comments.

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solar3021d ago

Other than the couple months that the PS3 outsold the 360, its always the same arguement. "PS3 sold more worldwide!!!". "there was a shortage!!!". I like my PS3, again for the morons on this site i dont OWN a 360, but the 360 is what consumers want int the most important demographic for game hardware manufacturers. Its been the 360>PS3 since i joined this site. Stop all the nonsense spin, MS is doing a better job, as of right now, giving US consumers what they want in a console.

moparful993021d ago

Don't confuse giving U.S. consumers what they want with "Spoon feeding lies and promises to get the unededucated consumers here in america to buy" Dude this is the only country on the face of the planet where people run out in droves to buy a product because "Their friendz haz one!" Despite the numerous quality problems, overpriced add ons and features, lack of features standard on other consoles people keep throwing money at microsoft. One FACT i've discovered is that alot of hardcore 360 owners have bought multiple consoles which inflates the numbers. It's not nonsense spin as you put it but people highlighting the fact that the ps3 is outperforming the 360 despite its strong sales here in america..

Alvadr3021d ago

I dount theres as much new 360 adopters as you think. Alot of 360 purchases will be those people who are upgrading

edhe3021d ago

Money is money - if the same person gives you money repeatedly are you going to complain?

Can say the same for ps3slim adopters, dsi buyers..

Alvadr3021d ago

Im not complaining. I myself purchased a Slim to upgrade (which by the way is awesome!!!) Even quieter than the PS3 now

Platform holders make the bulk of their profit from game sales. If there are no new adopters then there game sales remain unchanged.

Biggest sellers on the 360 pages of Amazon and Play recently have been the 360 slim at number 1. and the HDD Migration kit at number 2.

Alvadr3020d ago

Because its a known fact of the industry. Its why MS, Sony & Nintendo sell their consoles at such a low margin, and even below cost on some occassions.

Anything else?

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WildArmed3021d ago

Every month...
the day NPD comes out..
All the trolls wake up..
in such a fashion.

jneul3021d ago

vgx360 would have had a really bad day as they always undertrack ps3, and love the 360, oh well face palm to them for doubting what the ps3 fans told them all along

DigitalAnalog3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I guess we can all learn one thing. A newer slimmer design is always popular.

In other words, you should all FEAR THE WII SLIM!

-End statement

Horny3021d ago

If the wii was any smaller my dog would swallow it, wii slim not needed. A wii HD would be nice though

DigitalAnalog3021d ago

I'm just referencing the trend here. We all know the Slim's get massive boost sales and looking the Wii sales, you can imagine the catastrophe it would bring.

And no, Wii HD would alienate A lot of fans. This is like saying the new XBOX 360S is only capable of playing 2011 games and beyond.

-End statement

codyodiodi3021d ago

It sold a couple thousand more than the Wii. I consider that a little more than "just barely"

Hallmark Moment3021d ago

I said the 360 would outsell the Wii last month and it will do it again this month because the 360 slim did not have enough stalk for demand and the 360 slim was only on the market for half a month.