EA, Sony and the Exclusive Love Tree

Ok so here's the scenario for that game you're really excited about...

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NYC_Gamer3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

i'm sure those extras will be up on xbl month after release

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

When it comes Exclusive content, is because is real Exclusive content and not Timed Exclusives content like Xbox 360.


Or Dante's Inferno, with Viceral Games, published by EA, exclusive Content for PS3.

rdgneoz33075d ago

They're not timed exclusives like COD map packs. And I see no way Extraction could work with Kinect. Then again, the input lag would add to the scare factor of the game.

sikbeta3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

EA is smart, their Games on the wii failed miserably, the money spent on the wii can't come back from the wii, they saw this "motion trend" coming from Sony and MS as a way to squeeze money the way they couldn't with wii

PlayStation Move is making the things easy for EA to port all the Games they want, they can push their games on the PS3 by making it look like there is more "value for the money", something that is True cos they're adding more stuff in the Disc, case Dead Space 2 + Extraction

So, I'm expecting more of this Exclusive stuff coming from EA, like more ports of wii games added to upcoming PS3 Games and so on, this will affect the wii cos there will be no Third Party Exclusives which equal to not third party support, just Multiplat games for PS3 and wii...

HolyOrangeCows3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

So all this article is, is an xbox gamer complaining about month old information?

Don't hold your breath.

IdleLeeSiuLung3075d ago

Nope, Sony likely paid for the content....

DigitalAnalog3075d ago

Must be from the rising PS3 Slim sales...


-End statement

dazreah3075d ago

Not sure why people are disagring with idleLee of course Sony would have to pay for extra content like that!! Or is Sony to godly to do such cheap things, this site is so full of Sony fans its amusing.

lelo2play3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

..."Nope, Sony likely paid for the content.... " ... Why the disagrees?

Of course it's paid. Do you really think EA would go for all this trouble and expense because they are kind? Do you guys still believe in Santa Clause? How naive are you guys?

LOL... According to N4G, when Microsoft gets exclusive content, Microsoft pays for it. When Sony gets exclusive content, it's offered to Sony. Only on N4G!!!

I still remember a few years back, when Microsoft presented exclusive content for their games on E3, they were bashed for it. Now Sony copies what Microsoft has been doing and presents exclusive content on E3, and are praised for it. LOL... People really dislike Microsoft.

P1NKY3075d ago

I don't think its so much to do with Sony paying for the content. Dead Space extraction is a Wii game, so it will be easy to port it across to work on PS3 with the Move, however it won't work with Kinect. That could very well be the only reason it is exclusive.

As for the Medla of Honour Frontlines in the new Medal of Honour. Frontlines was a PS2 exclusive, all they have done is add trophies and make it HD. Just because it's a remake doesn't mean it loses its original exclusivity.

But for the likes of the other exclusive content such as the Mafia 2 stuff. That very well could have been paid for as there is no reason why it should be exclusive.

I_find_it_funny3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yes, n4g is full of ps3 fans, thats more than evident.
Even a few months back the two sides were more equal, and flamewars were fun. Now they're not :(.
I don't enjoy battles where opposing force is pushed back into a corner, and can't even bite back. Meh.

bjornbear3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

wasn't it the other way around 2006 - 2007?

360 fans everywhere basically mocking the PS3 and its future owners even BEFORE it came out (pathetic)

well, tables turn =/ sad but true...sad but true.

I agree with you though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3075d ago

The fact that Dead Space: Extraction is a Wii port highly suggest it is paid for by Sony. Why would you go through the effort of porting a game to a system that aren't to kind to porters?

To top it off, Sony is clearly trying to sell you the PS Move, that is why it is being ported!

Bottom line, Sony like MS is paying for content. Nothing wrong with that, unless you are MS!!!

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vsr3075d ago

EA's biggest franchise like FIFA, MADDEN , & NFS always sell best on PLAYSTATION platforms .

EA made PLAYSTATION exclusive games on late 1990's & early 2000.'s

Bell Boy3075d ago

just like mgs4 was made available by konami to xbox players.

They are all coming to you one day just don't hold your breath

Zydake3075d ago

your comment made me LOL

Homegamer3075d ago

check out this video to explain exclusitivity

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jerethdagryphon3076d ago

ea and sony have had exculsives together since mirrors edge extra ps3 map not much but its there

Donny3075d ago

bioshock has exclusive content, ninja gaiden sigma does, ninja gaiden sigma 2 does, red dead redemption does, batman arkham asylum does, dead space is getting exclusive content, dantes inferno has exclusive content, mafia 2 will get exclusive content, medal of honor will get exclusive content, toy story 3 will get exclusive content, ufc undisputed 2010 has exclusive content, assassins creed 2 gets exclusive content, assassins creed brotherhood gets exclusive content, wwe vs smackdown 2009 exclusive content,and MANY MANY MORE.

LordMarius3075d ago

"Exclusive is my new favorite word."

WildArmed3075d ago

why so suddenly?

Both Sony and MS have been throwing great exclusive back-to-back.
Just to name a few THIS year:
ps3:Mag, heavy rain, GoW3, Yakuza 3.. and i'm probably missing some -.-

360: Me2, splinter cell, crackdown.. and i'm probably missing some.. >.<

But as you see.. the point I'M trying to make is:

Exclusive should have been your favourite word a LONG time ago, my friend.

BlackBusterCritic3075d ago

I love how in the PS3 list of yours, all those games are only available on the PS3. You NEED a PS3 in order to play those games. BUT in your 360 list, you dont need a 360 to play Me2 or Splinter Gimpcell. ^_^ Crackdown 2, yeah, if you want to play a game with no story, graphics, imagination, originality, and etc then you'll need a 360 to play that "gem".

WildArmed3075d ago

I think you missed the point of my post.
But.. I guess not everyone sees straight.

IdleLeeSiuLung3075d ago

ya, not everyone can see straight if they are a fanboy.

Rumor3075d ago

nope, pretty much wrapped em all up there buddy.

@ps3 list
modnation racers, 3d dot game heroes

BlackBusterCritic3075d ago

I see Microsoft bringing less and less quality exclusive titles to their console, year after year. In all honesty, this year is no better than last year. What else do Xbox360 owners have to look forward to? Halo Reach & Gears. That's pretty much it, because everything else that has came out this year hasn't met expectations, scored poorly, and hasnt been we received among gamers. Sony still has tons of exclusive titles to bring. The list more than quadruples the xbox360's.

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N4PS3Fanboys3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

So Sony gets small amounts of exclusive content for multiplatform EA games, while Microsoft gets entire highly-rated exclusive franchises from EA (Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead). Heh, I think I'll stick with Microsoft then.

DJKGBYF3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Oh man, I sure am enjoying Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead on my PC. Oh also, I had Mass Effect 2 originally for the Xbox before I bought it for my PC, the loading times are a lot longer even after I installed it on the hard drive.

rdgneoz33075d ago

Why do people consider games you can play on the PC as being exclusive to the 360? Its like saying a multi platform game that doesn't show up on the wii is exclusive to the ps3 or 360.

Lou-Cipher3075d ago

I wonder if the PC guys call Mass Effect 2 or Splinter Cell: Conviction "PC Exclusive"(I bet not)

Microsoft has brainwashed people into believing that they have exclusive games. How might they do that you say? Simple. Convince as many simple minded people into thinking that the PC is not a gaming console, and voila, The 360 all of the sudden has Exclusives.

Thinking for yourself is overrated, lets let Microsoft do it for us. After all, It's not as if Microsoft is full of $hit 99% of the time.

DJKGBYF3075d ago

Because most of the commercials make it seem like they are only on the 360.

Bell Boy3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

they used to have bioshock which was rubbed in ps3 owners faces for a long

The reality is ps3 has it's army of first party dev's churning out award winning exclusive games consistently. The only third party games a ps3 owner needs to even consider have to be exceptional eg Batman otherwise they just play it at a friends or their

BlackBusterCritic3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Take a look at the attached video, of mine, at the 2:06 mark. You'll see that Microsoft has signs indicating that Splinter Cell Conviction and Mass Effect 2 are ONLY AVAILABLE ON XBOX360. Lying to gamers. *tsk tsk*

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Zydake3075d ago

Exclusives are good because they are be made best for one console but exclusives IMO are sometimes bad cause it basically forces the gamer to choose a side.

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Garnett3075d ago

$ony finally money hatting developers? Good job $ony! you should of been doing this since the start of this gen.

TheTeam063075d ago

They weren't making nearly as much money when the PS3 launched to keep putting money into exclusive DLC. They had to get actual exclusive titles in the pipeline anyway.

Now that they have exclusives to fall back on and are making good money from the PS3, they can start doing these exclusive deals a lot more often.

k jules3075d ago

Where did you get that info from, because last thing I heard is that Sony entertainment and Sony as a whole were losing millions...

OutgoingSquall3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Is sony balls salty in your mouth? Joking but man game you really hate Sony. Sony isn't 50 cent chill.

WildArmed3075d ago

Yes.. coz 'money hatting developers' worked soo well for 'M$'.

ForROME3075d ago

Yep, SONY and EA have long been pals, tis the reason why Dreamcast got smoked thanks to that relationship contribution

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