Borderlands Marathon for Child's Play Charity Kicks Off This Weekend

Ain't no rest for the wicked, money don't grow on trees...

A group of Australian gamers and game journalists have certainly picked a game with a fitting intro for their Child's Play charity event this weekend. The group of over 15 participants will be getting together and playing no less than 48 consecutive hours of 4 player co-op in the 2009 FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands. The event will be streamed live online where viewers will be encouraged to donate to Child's Play as well as participate in the ongoing chat on the website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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gaminoz3071d ago

It's good to see gamers giving something to those who are in need.

Good luck to all the participants and good on all the donors!

maawdawg3070d ago

Definitely, Child's Play is an amazing charity. Kudos to them for supporting it and to anyone who donates as well.