NXT Gamer: Deadliest Warrior: The Game Review

NXT Gamer's TriggerHappyOli gives his opinions on this TV spin-off and whether it's worth your time.

"Finally, it’s here. The game that truly allows us to answer that age old question; who would win in a fight between a pirate and a ninja? Yes, Deadliest Warrior: The Game brings the full force of the eponymous Spike TV series to Xbox Live Arcade, with a delayed release onto the PlayStation Network. It’s a gory, questionably historical, and ultimately fun experience to duke it out as one of 8 different characters from history, utilising the appropriate period weaponry and techniques to master the skills of select warriors including a Ninja, a Spartan, a Viking and more. Certainly the game looks attractive enough; blood sprays realistically onto the warrior’s armour and bodies, and the shields, weaponry, and other paraphernalia all glint realistically against the lush environments you fight it out in."

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adlt3072d ago


Remains true to the television series
Pure, unadulterated fun
Impressive visuals allow for maximum realism and violence


Occasionally poor collision detection
Limited character and mode selection

Going from what the review says, I will probably go look for a used copy and pick it up. I really love the show and the game looks like it did the show justice.

Marcus Fenix3072d ago

the game is only downloadable, it costs 800 MS points, which is like 10$

adlt3072d ago

Thank you for enlightening me, $10 is a for sure buy from me then.

blair_enigma3072d ago

its a downloadable only game if im not mistaken. xbox 800 mspoints and psn to follow?

Marcus Fenix3072d ago

yes, a PSN version is in the works, they haven't announced a release date to that yet, but a title like this 1 won't take long to make u know.

blair_enigma3066d ago

im excited for it. i like realism, even if the fight takes 10 seconds i love that. its about patience and striking with thought