Lost Season 3 Officially Confirmed On Blu-ray

A couple months ago, there were murmurs that ABC's hit show, Lost, would be making it's debut on Blu-ray with the release of the third season of the show. Shortly after the rumors hit the interwebs, Disney stomped out hopes and denied that such a thing was happening. Luckily, this is one of those times where the corporation lied just to hide the good news for a bit longer. Disney has officially announced that the third season of Lost will be released on Blu-ray at the same time as the DVD release on December 11th.

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D_U_I3915d ago

'Going to give my ps3 some more luvin' hahaha

Shaka2K63915d ago

This is going to sell alot of Blue/scratch-proff disks.

Blu-ray FTW!!!!!!!

ALIEN3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

NOW, that is some good news for LOST fans n for PS3 owners. Im happy wit my PS3 right now. There's so much that you can do on the PS3 that you can't do on 360.

drtysouf213915d ago

season 1 & 2 also and i'd get the whole set! Bring back Mr. Eko!

Rythrine3915d ago

I'm buying this 3rd Season for blu ray so it would really be nice if they bring the first 2 to blu ray as well. It'll be a weird collection if half is dvd and half is blu ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.