GT5’s Madrid Circuit in an Enzo Ferrari, Cockpit Gameplay Video

Here’s a nice little clip that’s emerged from the Gamelab a few weeks ago. Unlike that other clip from the show, there’s no mysterious breezes -- instead, it’s a full tour of GT5’s new Madrid circuit behind the wheel of a white Enzo Ferrari. Bumper cam is used for the first lap, but keep watching for the lap in the cockpit to begin at 2:20. Enjoy!

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Luzce3072d ago

Wow this guy can't drive to save his life.

Must have GT5 tho...

cobraagent3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

he is a bad driver Too fast before he enters a corner, breaks a lot in the middle and then he accelerates before he exits the corner so he crashes

Greywulf3072d ago

They always try to brake from 200mph - 0mph right before the turn. Or they slam on the brakes at a high speed as they are turning...

And yet, these are the people reviewing how accurate these games are.


kraden3072d ago

Damn i hope he doesnt drive like that in real life.... i would liked it on HD anyways.

sikbeta3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

WOW! nothing can ruin the Beautifulness of GT5, not even the worst driver :P

Microsoft Xbox 3603072d ago

The enzo is a hard car to drive.

Narutone663072d ago

Enzo, all the Ferraris in GT5P except for the F1 car are a pain to drive. You have to understand how the car behave to really control it. The best handling car for me is the GTR and the tuned Clio.

DigitalAnalog3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Or the new control/handling scheme is a lot more punishing than we thought. I've played the time trial, and yes even DRIVING straight takes bloody skill.

In any case, there was NO GT5 video that showed people handling the cars properly, therefore my insight into this must be right.

Now we know why they call it THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR.

-End statement

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cobraagent3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Also notice the improved tire smoke at 2:32 Pretty awesome stuff
Too bad the driver is killing this amazing piece of machinery...
Anyway this Car=Art

Kyur4ThePain3072d ago

The 8C is a thing of beauty. Leave it to Alfa to create a masterpiece. (I am NOT going to go into Alfa's reliability) :)

nintenflo3072d ago

Dont worry too much all your missing is some bloke smashing up a ferrari.
Some people think the handling of the cars is too difficult, personnally i think the handling is spot on - challenging but fair.

If supercars were easy to drive we would all be formula 1 drivers!

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redDevil873072d ago

My driving will be that bad when i first get the game lol

Cevapi883072d ago

pick up GT: Prologue and things wont be that bad come Nov. 2nd

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