Mesmerizing Vanquish Gameplay Footage

What’s that? You’ve seen SEGA and Platinum Games’ Vanquish impress everyone but you’re totally not convinced yet? Fear not, as this new gameplay footage video should help make you drool in amazement.

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PhoenixDevil3074d ago

Tho didnt they say there was no multiplayer, thats a shame could b an awesome fast paced online shooter

Forbidden_Darkness3073d ago

Damn it, why did i watch that, it looks good, looks like im adding another game to my wallet shrinkers list. I'm just going to wait and see how long the game is

ddurand13073d ago

old. this has been news like four times already.

definitely gonna check this game out when it comes out though. only a renter though considering theres no multiplayer.

user94220773073d ago

Man, I can't wait for the game.