Michael Jordan on NBA 2K11 Won't Matter, says EA Sports

In early June, 2K Sports announced that NBA legend Michael Jordan would grace the cover of their upcoming NBA 2K11. Most consider Jordan the greatest (or at least one of the greatest) NBA players in history, and having him cover the video game would seem like a great move for 2K. Competitor EA Sports doesn't think so, however.

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dktxx22745d ago

I've never once bought a sports game based on whose on the cover. You might like to get that idea out of your head Peter. The guy on the cover doesn't matter. And shit people certainly aren't looking for symbolism on the cover of NBA live.

BakedGoods2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Uh, it signifies exactly that. Jordan's a legend, and NBA 2K11 is associating that legendary status with their franchise--a smart move.

More importantly, what does name changing 'NBA ELITE' sound like? Not only does it cheapening the EA franchise, it seems like a lame attempt masquerade NBA LIVE's failings. Crap by any other name is still crap, EA.

N4GAddict2745d ago

MJ is the most popular NBA player ever.

Baka-akaB2745d ago

Seriously , how about they apply their own devious logic to the usefulness of the Madden name ?

Aikuchi2745d ago

Does anyone remember how well a a old NES game sold because MJ was on the cover, Jordan VS Bird.

iceman062745d ago

The last time that Jordan was marketed and fully playable in a video game was from HIS was NBA Street! So...umm...Peter you might want to know your OWN history before you try to doubt the marketing prowess of your competitors. In fact, even better, just focus on getting your game to be GOOD again!!!

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NYC_Gamer2745d ago

EA might aswell give up on making b-ball/nfl games

Xfanboy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

They should have did this when he was still playing!!
I wouldn't buy a baseball game for Babe Ruth!!

My 60 Bucks will be for Dead Space 2!!

DORMIN2745d ago

Jordan has basically never been in an NBA video game let alone graced the cover of one, this is HUGE news among actual bball fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.