Three Interesting Xbox 360 Ideas that Died

The newly canceled 1 vs 100 Xbox Live game show isn't the only clever idea for the Xbox 360 that has met its meteor. Let's review some 360 initiatives that seemed cool but now seem dead.

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dizzleK2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

how could they forget Velocity Girl?

"Now, she might never pick up a controller, never take a run in the halfpipe but she'll be able to design and sell stickers, shirts, boards, sound tracks and even design her own skate park for those hardcore gamers like Striker."

knight6262743d ago

sorry didnt read article was busy playing something that fail but still has potential and it does and iam talking about home

captain-obvious2743d ago

what dose home got to do with this ??

Greywulf2743d ago

Hardware reliability.



SOAD2743d ago

Stick to your other account.

BX812743d ago

Some ones twat is salty!

HarryM2743d ago

As in a meteor hits the game, destroying it..

Lord_Doggington2743d ago

...just like the show itself has lost popularity on TV, why does it have to stay popular with Live? I bet they're working on some dance competition for Kinect that'll replace 1 vs 100...

SOAD2743d ago

Joy Ride is still being developed. It's not dead. Do your research, amateur Kotaku writer.

TheTeam062743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I'm pretty sure they were talking about the fact that Joy Ride was going to be free for everyone, which is probably not going to be the case anymore.

EDIT: I know this is off topic, but THE OIL LEAK STOPPED! Hopefully it'll stay that way.

marioPSUC2743d ago

did you even read the article, they said that the game was supposed to be a free game that everyone would be able to play, but then they changed it and made it a kinect title and now it will cost.

ActionBastard2743d ago

What about IPTV or Live Anywhere?

darthv722743d ago

i forgot about iptv. thought that was a sony thing. Live anywhere almost happened until the kin was killed. Maybe now the 'next of kin' will come to town to reap havoc on those that took the feature from the rest of us.

I know the kin didnt have anything to do with live but it sounded funny as i was typing.

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