Xbox 360 Live Gold Card, Points Card top charts amid sale

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Card and Xbox Live 1600 Points Card for the Xbox 360 ranked in the top three sales at this week amid a new game accessory sale.

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Silly gameAr3050d ago

So this is "breaking news"? There's got to be something worthwhile going on in the gaming world that you guys can tell us about.

HarryM3050d ago

This is news you fanboy..

lelo2play3050d ago

This is were a big chunk of money is... accessories, live, MS Points, etc.

0oAngeluso03050d ago

I figured it was Gaming news. It's certainly good news for them and for fans I guess.
Not seeing the issue. Now I saw some stories today like the one saying their was a problem with the Wireless N in the new 360s, when in actuality it was a problem with people's routers that was sketchy IMHO. This however is gaming news and I see plenty of chart news when something Sony or Nintendo is in it. So why not Microsoft too?

Silly gameAr3050d ago

Good points. I see the same articles you see when I'm on, and I think they're pretty pointless too. These articles are created for a reason I guess. May your pee stream travel far my friend.

dizzleK3050d ago

the rumours of the 360s death were greatly exaggerated.

Blacktric3050d ago

And it shouldn't die. Competition is a good thing for us. Sony pushes for exclusives, Microsoft wants both multiplatform leadership and a piece of casual market and Nintendo is going for both with Wii and 3DS. There are sh*tload of good games available for all consoles and new ones being released every month.

drsnobby3050d ago

I believe that real news is hard to come by on this site.

HaVoK3083050d ago

Fans of this site rather create news not report it. They pick topics written by another fan who thinks the same as they do. They post stories that suits their personal agendas. No matter how out of context they may be. You would be a fool to take N4G seriously. I just pick through the trash and fanboy crap and once in awhile I learn something new about the industry. For a more objective opinion I visit Destructoid, Joystiq, Kotaku, Gamesradar, and my favorite Epic Battle Axe.

MorganX3048d ago

Given the ridiculous number of XBL vs. PSN/PS+ articles, I think this is relevant news for this site.

ChronoJoe3050d ago

Microsofts cards are always in the top 10 on amazon, even normally.

I wonder why people buy cards from amazon though, y'know. When they're paying by card there anyway, I buy cards from a physical store, with hard cash. But why not just buy the MS points/subscription directly from Microsoft?

Ah well.

0oAngeluso03050d ago

I've gotten them as cheap as $25 there before. Which is like half off what Microsoft charges.
So it's a cheaper way to get live. I usually stock up on them if I see them that cheap.

ChronoJoe3050d ago

Oh really? fair enough.


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