TeamTalk: Why Bungie Gave Up November?

Why would Bungie release Halo 3 in September instead of the November? Game publishers carefully plan the release schedule for their titles, and that Team Xbox believes that Halo 3 has intentionally been pushed forward. But why?

Team Xbox speculates five options to answer that question, and you may not like Option #5.

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The BS Police3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Team Xbox just shot themselves in the foot.

Edit @ bloody diarrhea - I some how doubt psoting baseless rants without anything to back it up is being fair, teamxbox just lost alot of credibility by the majority of it's userbase.

bung tickler3971d ago

maybe they are trying to be fair, something other fanboy sites might want to try.

power of Green 3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Bioshock is wrong, GTA4 is now wrong and the game is hardly 2.5 wild theories; bar's set too high crucifying Halo before it even launches.

I know the site might have members doubting or had something built up in their minds that isnt reality or may be trying to get HITS for their site but the direction Bungie went with is not the same as the devs went with COD4, GoW, Bioshock etc. Those games do not have massive mile's long maps with dozens of bad guys trying to kill you at once with their own AI and hundreds of feet of enviromental physics going on all at once. I'll take the 30 creature's tring to kill me in my Turtle with three of my pals in Halo 3 anyday over GoW or Killzone or COD.

Theres always going to be people that missunderstand the love for halo growing ever more judgmental and then finally expecting unrealistic bars and milestones when the root of the success for the game was the fun and how the devs made it work and last.

I'll be suprized if GoW 2, COD4 and BioShock will have more than around ten charator's trying to kill players any given time because these games aren't designed to be on the EPIC scale as Halo is

* Enemy AI will also have new non-combat behaviors, rather than just sitting around waiting for players to kill them, to make them feel more "alive" and realistic

* Halo 3 features up to four player cooperative gameplay over Xbox Live

* Halo 3 introduces a new-to-the-series class called "support weapons". These are a group of exceptionally large, powerful and cumbersome

* will also feature a strong vehicular component. Vehicles, and their countermeasures are tightly integrated

* Fauna and other animals will have their own physics and behavior

* draw distance of the game will be in excess of 10 miles (16 km). Sophisticated new atmospheric models are used in the game to replace the traditional skybox

* Crates, canisters, objective objects, dropped weapons, characters, bodies, vehicles, and some parts of the world geometry all interact with each other and the world around them in believable physical ways. Trajectories of thrown objects are also affected by the gravity lifts in the game.

* Halo 3 will have a feature called "Saved Films".

Will anybody care what option #5 says when the game comes out the feel of war in Halo3 will make most FPS's seem like DOOM and this is why it will sale despite what people think Halo 3 should be, this thing's going to be tactical and emmersive on a level not seen on any other FPS's i'v seen this generation.

ShiftyLookingCow3971d ago

good points and nice editing. As for the original article I wonder if it was intentional joke or something. The last one was as funny it was lame. Not the contributor's fault.

DrPirate3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Agreed, but we've barely scratched the surface of what I think shooters will be this generation.

After Halo we have the Bioshock, The Killzone, The Call of Duty, The Crysis, but I firmly believe after that, the First Person Shooter will be forced to evolve to stay competitive.

Please don't disagree for once, I think everything I said was quite fair.

Edit: And CoD4 should have more then 10 people shooting at you from what I've seen in their past games, and their videos. If there's one thing Infinity Ward does well, it's communicating the chaos of a large scale battle, like Stalingrad in the first game.

power of Green 3971d ago

It's possible that what was post is a smug, arrogant criticism of a game they know will be loved by anybody that likes FPS's basiclly saying "its the industry leader" does it matter what I say(like lightly poking fun of the President, a good one).

Lyberator3971d ago

Hey ya know what Empire Strikes Back was amazing and my favorite. They better stop hating on it or there will be hell to pay! Oh, what about Halo? hahaha j/k. (or am I) Anyway, power of green- great analysis.

power of Green 3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Why in the hell would i dissagree? you're not attacking me for my point of view nor are you replying with knee-jerk malice.

Its a well thought out response with logic first and emotion etc second nothing to dissagree with. What you said makes sense and isn't bendictive or belligerent.

I agree with your EDIT those numbers were more a rough figure of speech vs the war zone in Halo 3 squads of baddies after you while Gaint MECHS are chasing you~~~~ while you and 3 other Human pals(A.K.A. real friends) are being chased around in your trasport by other enemies in their vehicels chasing and shooting~~~~ with enemies on foot shooting at you aswell with squads of Marines fighting their own battles on the battle field.

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