Originality In Gaming: An Observation Of The Industry Today

DualShockers writes, "Right now if you were to ask me which game I thought would win game of the year 2010 my response would probably be a sequel of some kind. Things have become quite banal in games as of late. Personally, it seems like we just see one big shooter after another, with various tidbits of unique titles here and there. It’s the middle of July, meaning there are less days left in 2010 than there are days that have gone by. What fresh noteworthy game has come this year? As difficult as it might be, try to limit your response to non-sequel games also. You may find that the pickings are quite slim. For perspective, let’s reflect on what made 2009 a great year in gaming and explore whether or not there is still hope for the rest of this year...."

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Hitman07693070d ago

This is a great piece which really outlines what we need more of in this industry, a focus on art and a focus OFF money.

The sequels and rehashes will not lead us in good directions because the truth is more than half of the time the fans like the original better. All of these companies that refuse to put out new ideas are really just shooting themselves in the foot and then wondering why it stings when they walk. Sure sales are nice, but do they really want to sacrifice the hard-earned loyalist fans and the respect of the industry for dollar signs? Don't let greed consume this beautiful art medium...

JoelT3070d ago

a great piece! Unfortunately sequels, rehashes, and reboots have been around as long as the industry.

pippoppow3070d ago

The problem is fear. The prospect of developing a new game with little to no return has scared most in the industry. Why take a risk when a good game with shooting mechanics, racer, open world GTA style game or sports game will usually sell over a million easy. I believe it is the reason for less genres and more sequels.

Although ultimately gamers are at fault, the media is culpable due to not informing their audience properly. Negative news is hardly ever talked about, is glossed over or laughed about instead of being heavy scrutinized. Also good news about lower budget games are hardly heard about and are forgotten, the games that usually are the most artistic and original. This all leads to ignorance and low sales of good original titles.

It is a tricky balance. Devs need to come out with popular games to stay afloat but also need to take risks here and there for varieties sake at the least and maybe hit that jackpot in sales due to gamers craving a new experience.

I think most Devs should have different levels of games. Small budget downloadable titles along with The $1-5mil games and then the big bockbuster titles. The lower budget titles could be more artistic and creative while the big blockbusters can just be lots of high tech eye candy with lots of fx. Going all out all the time with high budgets could be disastrous, especially relying heavily on sequels and rehashes.

booni33070d ago

@ jon
100% agree.
i feel like this year is a blatant and shocking representation of where the industry is headed. its a very scary thought: in 2012 will we see any new IPs? or will it all be sequels, rehashes and shooters? im not sure how to answer, heres to hoping it gets better and not worse.

Ninferno3070d ago

To be fair, we have seen plenty of new IPs, but they all feel like the same game.

Hitman07693070d ago

Feels like we are being dumped on with more sequels and remakes than ever in my opinion.

Non_sequitur3070d ago

Some fans feel comfortable in buying the familiar. Fear in trying new or different things holds back gamers and ultimately the industry.

meiamsome3070d ago

To me it all just seems like the same stuff is thrown out by developers with a different title slamed on it. I want unique game interfaces and fun new ways to play games.

Chadness3070d ago

Heavy Rain attempted this and largely succeeded in my opinion. One of the more unique titles this year.

pippoppow3070d ago

Agree. HR, VC, Demons Souls and some others are examples of trying something a little different. We need more games like these and not generic flashy shooters.

Chadness3070d ago

I think sequels are alright, but you need a happy medium. I love supporting new IPs. Sometimes I think support for these new franchises is the problem, because gamers are generally rightfully skeptical.

I'm a big RPG fan, so looking to the past we see new IPs like Lost Odyssey and The World Ends With You that gained critical acclaim but didn't sell very well, probably because people just didn't want to place their money in a risky situation. What if they were horrible?

I think that mentality needs to change, but I can understand why it doesn't. Perhaps if new, unproven IPs reduced their retail price to $40 or even $50, it might be incentive enough for gamers to go out on a limb and we would see more of these great new ideas floating around. (They need to take a hint from Atlus, who released a great $40 PS3 game this year, which you forgot to include in your original IPs for 2010 - 3D Dot Game Heroes.)

pippoppow3070d ago

Good idea about selling new IPs at a discount or making it a lower budget game. Variety in all it's forms is needed.

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