The 10 Most Shocking Games Ever

Some of these instances were lambasted by the moral majority, demonised by the press and held up as gaming witchcraft, while others were less publicised. One thing unites them all - they broke gaming taboos. Bask in their illicit thrills.

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Quagmire2749d ago

I, Quagmire hereby sentence all articles with the title containing the following "THE TOP" - followed by any number, banned and/or ignored by N4G and its users.

All those in favour, say "I".

All those oppose, say "I HATE VIDEO GAMES"

RatFuker2749d ago

straightens white curly wig on head, stands up takes a drink of samual adamn and says I...

Focker-4202749d ago

We tried.... but it still got approved.

xX TriiCKy Xx2749d ago

Erm...since the letter, "I", is in "I" HATE VIDEO GAMES" wouldn't you agree to disagree...? But anyway, "I" said "I" 3 times so "I" agree more than I disagree. :D

Focker-4202749d ago


This article is epic fail.

distorted_reality2749d ago

Super Columbine Massacre RPG makes me want to play through Chrono Trigger for the thousandth time.

002749d ago

please for the love of god no more.

gemc6662749d ago

this article is epic fail in the right moment as they put maniac mansion as the most shocking game ever.........¬¬¬ ;¬

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