Joystiq: Deadliest Warrior Review

Networking quirks aside, Deadliest Warrior offers loads of enjoyment for its $10 entry fee. It strips away the mountains of abstruse techniques which characterize most modern fighting games, and revives the accessible short-form action of realistic brawlers like Bushido Blade. It's incredibly fun, and addictive, and -- fine -- on top of its strong core mechanics, it also lets you fight a Pirate against a Viking, which is utterly ridiculous and, in a way, magical.

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theonlylolking3075d ago

I didnt like it as much as most fighting games.

Elven63075d ago

I can't be the only one surprised that the game has scored this well, it didn't look to great from the little I saw of it before hand.

N4GAddict3075d ago

I'm quite surpised as well.

Spenok3074d ago

Trust me your not, thats a damned good score i dont think anyone was expecting.

Cajun Chicken3075d ago

That was a pleasant surprise. I heard this was going to be rubbish.

Cheeseknight283075d ago

I'll wait for more scores. I doubt it's this good (No offense to the fans).

Trroy3075d ago

For $10, I may have to pick it up! ...on PSN though.

N4GAddict3075d ago

$10 makes it worth checking out at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.