PS Blog: Help Defend Gaming: Sign the Gamer Petition

Hal Halpin from PS Blog writes:

"This winter, the game industry — developers, publishers, retailers, et al — will face the single biggest legal challenge that such entertainment, broadly, has ever been up against and in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The State of California had appealed the U.S. Ninth Circuit decision to strike down the so-called CA “video game violence” law in Schwarzenegger v EMA, which every court had done in every such “violent video game” case. But this time was different; For the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the case (via “accepting certiorari” aka “cert”). To be blunt, none of us expected it and we were all taken back by the decision. Just 1% of cases filed are granted cert — one percent!"

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gaffyh3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Online petitions almost never work, but this affects millions of gamers in the US. If you care about what games you play, sign it. Who knows, you might even get Gears, GOW banned if this law passes.

N4GAddict3071d ago

Yeah, it only takes a few seconds to do it anyway.

thorstein3070d ago

but this doesn't seem the typical "online petition." This seems to be pretty well put together.

I did it anyway. The real problem is that petitions don't work. Government tends to do whatever it feels.

Philaroni3071d ago

Every one should sign it. In the case of a consumer product consumer opinions do matter and at the very least it could help. Can't hurt any. My guess is that they are just hearing it to close the case on it and shut up arguments over it. People are very protected of there 1st amendment rights so I don't see the SC saying games need to be regulated like other products, (Like guns) as the reason for regulating those is very very obvious. Granted, the chance is still there that they in-fact do want to explore the interactive nature of games. If so, then we could be in for some trouble.

spunnups3071d ago

Signed it in hope that it actually affects any decision the supreme court. I hate how non-gamers and people who know nothing about gaming are the ones making the decisions, just like most everything else in life. Most politicians know nothing but how to be clever and grease the right palms.