GGTL Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Onslaught (DLC)

GGTL: "When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launched this year, it was met with positive response from much of the community, including myself. Although it never toppled Call Of Duty in way of an online experience 'to never stop playing', it came a close second and I'm pleased to say that I still jump on every so often."

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killyourfm2781d ago

Goddamnit i STILL haven't played this game!

Valay2781d ago

This DLC was released pretty recently, wasn't it?

finbars752781d ago

The dlc is sweet but its not worth the $10.Once you beat it your pretty much done with it.Its to bad there wasnt more to the dlc to do other then make it through 4 maps on hardcore.

Sneak-Out2781d ago

Yeah ... this DLC is great