Latest Japanese Hardware Chart

DS Lite and Wii maintain their dominance in Japan, although PS3 has shot up quite substantially most likely due to the release of Hot Shots Golf 5.

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Lord Anubis3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I'm not sure but i think is for the week of august 2?

Where's the other link. I can't seem to find it. Check the date on the other link.


here's the other link.

Sales number where taken from this site

cooke153951d ago

As i've always said, vgcharts is NOT accurate.

drtysouf213951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

or just standalone consoles?

Still almost 30k is still good. Wonder if it will continue into next week.

cooke153951d ago

Yeah they do, and unless ps3 has another big game next week, no the sales will drop.

drtysouf213951d ago

Thanks for answering. I noticed you are the one that posts this on N4G most of the time and i think your part of that site totalgamerzone? Your pretty consistent when it comes to posting these numbers and i look forward to it each thursday evening so keep up the good work.

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illizit3951d ago

Xbox 360 down in sales, PS3 up, whats new?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

almost 30k not bad either. But rumors aren't always to be believed. Also where did the 40k come from? VG charts or Famitsu?

AznSniper3951d ago

but this is weird......famitsu and media hardware said that ps3 sold about 40k

cooke153951d ago

Well these are Media Create numbers. They are the official source in Japan.

AznSniper3951d ago

did they count bundles as well?

Phantom_Lee3951d ago

I heard the 40K is from famitsu...then again I could be wrong

I was never good with numbers...even though Im Asain...

ALIEN3951d ago

M$ is doing pretty bad in JAPAN.

Nintendo: 228,387
Sony: 75,654
Microsoft: 3,872

I think JAPANESE focus on games like HOT SHOT GOLF n MARIO. It seems like the WII is the right console for them. ain't it?

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The story is too old to be commented.