Sony Online Entertainment Lays Off 35 Employees

G4 writes... Sony Online Entertainment is the latest company to join the series of layoffs hitting the games industry. The company confirmed to me this morning they are laying off a total of 35 employees.

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HarryM3073d ago

I've been hearing a lot of developers letting off staff recently. :/

GayStation33073d ago

oh no, this saddens me, I hope Sony get's better.

oldjadedgamer3073d ago

Until the world wide economy takes a turn for the better, then the gaming industry will continue to decline and jobs will be lost.

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BeaArthur3073d ago

I don't get what you are getting at.

n4gno3073d ago

Simple, always the same biased medias, are making ridiculous news to try to downplay sony inovations, games, success, etc..

when you can't compete with, bash it ! :)

BeaArthur3073d ago

Oh okay, another conspiracy theory. Sorry I wasn't sure.

N4BmpS3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Uh that's not what they were doing/saying. Many websites reported this and it is news, sad news but news nonetheless. I'm a big fan of SONY but what you said(or rather what he was implying) makes absolutely no sense, on ALL levels.

I'm not sure if you agree with trounbyfire but...seriously? (that was for trounby)

stb3073d ago

Guess I do... refresh that brain.

maniacmayhem3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

G4TV is ran by nazis who specifically hate Sony. /s

By the way why the all the question marks? Does it come from G4TV?

trounbyfire3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

have you seen there podcast and the people behind the scenes that review games because adam and morgan don't review many games. those other that do come off as 360 fanboys and girl that crap on sony repeatedly and they make the tiniest news in to the world ending and no no just for sony but news in general

no need to go that far but yeah they have many 360 fanboys

BeaArthur3073d ago

Yep, everyone is out to get Sony. 35 people weren't laid off today.

N4BmpS3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

"have you seen there podcast and the people behind the scenes that review games because adam and morgan don't review many games."

Okay, if you don't mind trounby (using my last bubble) I'm going to analyze your comment. And give you a little bit of knowledge. I know a few names at G4 (Not personally but, you know)

Adam Sessler, obviously not a 360 fanboy at least not anymore ever since Sony started releasing high quality games more frequently. However, he did make the statement a long time ago that the PS3 was "the most overrated piece of tech ever released," but he like many changed that.

Morgan Webb, One of her favorite games i inFAMOUS and Ratchet and Clank

Matt Keil, Ginormous GoW fan
Andrew Phister, Uh he's a big fan of the Show.

Patrick Klepek, he could be a 360 fanboy, most of the games he plays are on the 360 but that doesn't necessarily make him a fanboy. But a few of his comments on Sony are a little "?" raising. But that's his problem.

Abbie Heppie: Big FPS fan (from what I can tell mostly one the 360). Her Favorite game on the PS3 is Uncharted 2. There are a few others but yeah Uncharted2.

Oh and finally Sterling Mc. Garvey, One of the few hardcore PSN fans at G4 (yes he said it)he cringes whenever people mention playing games on LIVE. But he has an XBOX 360 cus his friends do as well.

How do I know all this? I watch their podcast every Wednesday on (<-- cheap promotion)

Aikuchi3073d ago


And yet the day that the PlayStation Plus came out did Kevin and Morgan talk about it on AOTS Game Break? No they talked about XBL indy games. There was real gaming news that day and they chose a xbox fluff peace.

G4 is like a Bad parent of two kids and will swear up and down that they love both children equally, but in daily life will always talk lovingly to and praise there favorite child at the slytest good work and there other child they always talk to with indifference and harsh with criticism at the slytest mistake.

pippoppow3073d ago

G4 clearly biased towards 360. Even when there is no 360 news they manage to mention it. The coverage is also unmeven. Also X-play is affiliated with MS. One of MS' vaunted US media ties.

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NikoleSmash3073d ago

So you're implying that G4 fired those Sony employees?

Garnett3073d ago

You know who else has it out for Sony?

Microsoft... I seen on that the Xbox 360 is the best gaming machine, but we all know the Trey owns it. Then i heard a small company sitting in first place called Nintendo (Its not really first place because its not HD)is coming for Sony's crown, according to Patcher Wii HD comes out the same time as Huxley and GT5.

/Conspiracy theory's FTL!

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