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Why No, I Don't Want to Control Netflix With My Hands, Thank You Very Much

Dick Ward writes: "Remember ‘Minority Report‘? After that movie came out, tech developers seemed to lose track of everything that wasn’t a fancy hands-on interface. This started out simply enough, with an increase in the amount of touchscreen phones hitting the market. But the new range of motion control products takes it too far." (Kinect, Xbox 360)

Focker-420  +   1721d ago
Its faster to push a button
Why o why  +   1721d ago
more accurate and less tiring
air1   1721d ago | Offensive
Double Toasted  +   1721d ago
"Why No, I Don't Want to Control Netflix With My Hands, Thank You Very Much"
Well, you can't if you don't have a 360. Or I should say you won't be able to. But then again, the title is shitty, so I just assume the entire article is no less the equivalent.

Edit: Air1 why o why has at least 8 internet browsers in front of him.
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mastiffchild  +   1721d ago
I don'tr think there's anything unfair about the article or it's headline. It comes over a bit too harsh if you don't read it all but basically he's just saying what we've all thought from the first time SONY showed us this type of idea with eyedentify(IIRC in 2006)-that it's a cool looking gimmick on stage or demo but in real life you'd look a tool and sound a tool basically waving and to your console to change channel or navigate a menu.

It just won't be as good and to really worek it needs to improve on what we already have and it's fact that buttons do this as well as we could possibly manage to do it in other ways and gesture and voice control would be both slower and less accurate than buttons alongside making you look a little silly.

@double toasred-I don't see why you have such a downer on this article when, unlike a ton of Move, PSN+ and Kinect articles of late it does, at least, make a very valid point and the suthor has bothered learning his stuff and hasn't tried any FUD a=at all. The "you can only play Kinect in(insert whatever it is today-standing, naked, with an erection)" and all the "Move is too complex n it's bundles for us thick gamers and will die because of that rather than, y'know, games on it!" articles lately have been BS but this one just says what I feel we all thought(most of ua on whatever side of the console preference divide you may stand)when being shown this kind of thing by both parties at past E3 events.

Dan Ward never said this would harm Kinect or say it would fail at retail because of it at all-just that the whole "minority support" stuff was a bit daft, pointless and would be a short lived giggle for most with the tech to try it out. I confrss that I'd prolly be impressed by the maker giving me a go but that won't change the fact it's got little hope of working well enough to seriously make people thinkabout it as a real button alternative FOR THIS JOB.

On a wider note this generation on Wii has seen a TON ofd devselopers putting waggle features into games that never suited or needed them to begin with ansd certainly not in all the places they got squeezed into by devs eager to make it seem they were finding exciting new stuff but just gave us the limne of least developer resistance and we never got innovation and got stuck with games playable just as well and usually better with a pad. Same problem lies in store for both Move and Kinect but Sony have got some decent looking games lined up even though neither company have anything really interesting to gamers in the longer term. If this gesture controlled TV viewing is what's on offer doesn't it seem bit shallow to pay out the asking price anyway?

Article is among the least inaccurate on these kind of subjects and just speaks the VERY obvious. If anything that's the complaint about the whole thing.
UnwanteDreamz  +   1721d ago
siyrobbo  +   1721d ago
id probably use it if i was really lazy or couldnt find the remote, but i dont think id use it by default
KingME  +   1721d ago
Yes I do want to control netflix with my hands. That was just be one more option to my disposal. And if I decide to use the remote, I can do that too. But, yes, it would be cool to be able to use gestures as well.

People saying no and downplaying it are probably just saying that because they can't or have no means to do it. AKA Haters
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Biggest  +   1721d ago
Please think for minute. It won't be a simple flick of the wrist (because Kinect can't see wrist movement) or small gesture. Dream as much as you want about what is going to happen with the Kinect. Think of the potential. But see the current reality. You are not Batman.

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KingME  +   1721d ago
You missed part of your name when you created your account...
Who said anything about wrist movement? BTW, the part of your name you forgot was "HATER"
Wolfie  +   1721d ago

Biggest i lol'd so hard when i saw your url :D Bubbles!
candystop  +   1721d ago
I hate reaching for the controller (trying to find it)and then pressing the wrong buttons to start it over or forward by accident. Controlling it with my hand would so simplify mistakes that happen to me almost everyday. Handsfree is the way to go folks.

"Its faster to push a button"

not when you need to find the remote.

"more accurate and less tiring "

Less accurate if you press the wrong button. Most people lift there arms with a remote as well so how the heck is that tiring lol.
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SillySundae  +   1721d ago
>>>> @CandyStop
"not when you need to find the remote."
... I personally have the remote / DS controller already before I actually am able to navigate, and select a movie. My DS3 controller is usually beside my PS3. I am not sure where other people keep theirs or why they would place it so far from the console.
"Less accurate if you press the wrong button. "
... selection on the screen VS button on your thumbs, either won't resolve hand-eye issue of the user IMHO. So I think it's the user.
"Most people lift there arms with a remote as well so how the heck is that tiring lol."
... The issue they're referring to might be when you're navigating through menus (which sometimes take a while trying to pick the movie you want, especially from NETFLIX libraries).
For a PS3 controller / remote (which you don't need to point due to bluetooth), your hands are rested on your legs while navigating through menus.
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candystop  +   1721d ago
sillie sundae
Yes I see where your coming from but personally think we should just wait and see if the user interface is fairly simple. Also I'm not sure if you can just point a finger or need to extend your arm. We should all know in a few more months just how tiring or simple the device is to use.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1721d ago
Not everyone is dull enough to lose their remotes.
Mine are always by their respective consoles.

LOL, "if you press the wrong button"

Way to reach.
bjornbear  +   1721d ago
you must be extremely clumsy and forgetful if its THAT hard to find your remote and press a button -_-
Rocket Sauce  +   1721d ago
I'd feel like a dick talking to my DVD player or waving my hands at my TV. I could see myself using it once to see what it's like, then just using the remote from then on.

Using the camera on kinect to watch movies with friends is very cool, though.
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HeroXIV  +   1721d ago
Anyone else read it as "Dick Wad writes"? :p
NeutralGamer  +   1721d ago
I red it like Dickward.

You know like Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants, then just a dick instead...
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1721d ago
I wonder if Kinect will pause auto if the movie actually said the word pause.
B-Real206  +   1721d ago
I think you have to say x-box first as in x-box stop, x-box play, and so on...
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1721d ago
oh ok i was just wondering
NeutralGamer  +   1721d ago
What if they say "x-box pause" in a movie?

One day that might happen..

What if you watch the E3 MS congress on your xbox with kinect?
Will it stop each time they say the word sentence "x-box [command]"?

What happens if you watch a movie with someone saying "x-box rocks", then what is the xbox going to do?

What if you watch a movie with someone saying "x-box suck"... Then what is it going to do? XD
El_Colombiano  +   1721d ago
Haha yeah and when someone says "Man Xbox is DA BOMB!"...I can't wait!
IHateYouFanboys  +   1721d ago
youre forgetting that Kinect has to be 'trained' the commands by your voice.

so you could have 100 people in your lounge room, all screaming 'XBOX PAUSE!!!' and it will not pause unless their xbox account is signed in on the xbox, and they have gone through the kinect voice training on that xbox.

so again, unless Bill Gates is signed in on your xbox and has trained Kinect with his voice, playing a video through the xbox in which Bill Gates says 'XBOX take over this guys house' will have absolutely no effect on the xbox.

nice try at trolling, but next time try something thats not so easily proven to be idiotic.

on the topic, i will use kinect to control my streaming videos from my PC. its not like you have to sit there waving your arms the whole time - i just sit down, say 'xbox on' and it turns on. i hold my hand over my media for a few seconds, i choose a video with my hand for a few seconds, i say 'xbox play', then im done. half an hour later when the show finishes, i raise my arm for a few seconds to choose another one. easy.
B-Real206  +   1720d ago
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HurstDarkStar  +   1721d ago
well i guess really only hated the thought of this since MS said they were doing it
come on people,if ony or nintendo said that all you needed to do was move your hand without a controller to navigate i doubt i would see so much HATE ..........pure HATE
Mustang300C2012  +   1721d ago
Hate and overweight lol
Greywulf  +   1721d ago
Read the article. He also hates on the TV that recognizes hand gestures..
*just like kinetic*--gasp--

so hilarious that the thing does nothing innovative, yet everyone just gives it the benefit of the doubt based on absolutely nothing but hype.

I'm convinced MS could sell an empty box to peop... oh wait.
MorganX  +   1721d ago
I do. But not bad enough to buy a Kinect to do it. Maybe when it's $49.99
shikwan  +   1721d ago
Why yes!
I love having my physical media of 400+ DVDs/BluRays & 1500+ CDs cluttering my living room!

Who would want to stream all that stuff or put it on a media player - is beyond me!
El_Colombiano  +   1721d ago
Oh man I would LOVE to have a collection like that. I tip my hat to the person who can amass such a collection. *wishes he had one like that*
Rocket Sauce  +   1721d ago
Cluttering? Like...it's all spread out on the floor?
air1  +   1721d ago
i really dont understand why ppl wouldnt want to have an interface like this..

how is saying xbox-on and using your hands to navigate not great? you ppl act as if its a psx 90 work out or something..

edit @shikwan
i agree... i used to kill that game (your avatar) what was the name? eternal something?


oh please why o why.. its not a "let me see" you made your choice well b4 knowing anything about kinect. you made the decision that you will burn way to may calories flailing your arms around..
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Why o why  +   1721d ago
let me see how accurate and responsive it is first
Some things dont need to be replaced But if it works quicker than a remote...im good. I mean you can lose/misplace a remote/pad. We've all done it whereas your hands are always around

oh it was a two player game floaty shooty game....
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shikwan  +   1721d ago
Eternal Champions
I played on Sega Genesis. Jonathan Blade.

What's cool is that he looks similar to Blade (the movie) which was based on the comic book, played by Wesley Snipes - waayyy B4 the movies or comic existed!
ChozenWoan  +   1721d ago
I always played as the mage in Eternal Champions
he had the best defense. By spinning his cane over head or in front of him, he could really control a battle.

+bubs for the EC memories.
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SolidSystem  +   1721d ago
ok... then dont use it. personally i think voice commands the the most intuitive.
Focker-420  +   1721d ago
Unless you have an accent, than Kinect doesn't listen to you.
SolidSystem  +   1721d ago
says who?
Paradise Lost  +   1721d ago
Controllers FTW.
HarryM  +   1721d ago
I like the idea of this kind of technology being implemented into games, but I don't think it's going to see its full potential just yet.. >_>
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gonzodamus  +   1721d ago
It's not a matter of lazy :) Why would anyone want to pay extra for something that's less convenient?
TheTeam06  +   1721d ago
If you're saying that holding your hand out and waiting for the activation and touching a screen to initiate the command are the same thing, how exactly would it be revolutionary??

If they're the same thing, we've had this tech since before the 21st century.

Even then, Kinect wasn't the only one to use hands for commands, as you'll see by reading the article.

EDIT: Great. Thanks for changing your post. For those who are wondering what I'm talking about, Harry said that it's the same as touching a screen like iPhones and that Kinect is revolutionary.
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Merivigian  +   1721d ago
Nobody is forcing you guys to exercise.
0oAngeluso0  +   1721d ago
The ability to control media was the main reason
I pre-ordered Kinect. I love the idea of controlling media via movements and voice recognition.
To each their own, but I love the idea.
Xfanboy  +   1721d ago
I want to pick a movie without remote if it's accurate!! & It might be compatible with PC so yes man!!

If it was Sony I wonder if the first comment would have gotten 12 thumbs up??

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^
Oh yeah voice recognition!! Easier way for me to sit on couch & gain more pounds cool!!
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darkequitus  +   1721d ago
"Why No, I Don't Want to Control Netflix With My Hands, Thank You Very Much"

Then don't.
djfullshred  +   1721d ago
I like this article, because it is exactly what I have been thinking for a long time. Techonology that reduces labor eventually repaces technology that requires more labor...not the other way around. In the movie example Minority Report, all the motion control is for cinematic effect, because looking at someone using a mouse is not very futuristic looking. But of course using a mouse (which was invented a long time ago) is much more movement efficient than flailing your arms around, and virtually grabbing & moving windows with your hands.
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Focker-420  +   1721d ago
This. Its the reason we have buttons. They're fast, efficient, and do everything we want them to.
BYE  +   1721d ago
Another Kinect article. Is it N4C - News for Casuals now?
Z501  +   1721d ago

Guess what happens when your stereo system is to loud and this thing is sitting right next to you? (Hint: It doesn't hear you)

Now imagine Kinect being on top of your tv a few feet away.

Wonders why this product was discontued.

*Bought this thing in 2002 from Brookstone. The day Spiderman 1 came out on dvd. Kept it for a week. Returned it. ($70)

Everything was awesome UNTIL i started watching the movie.

All this voice activation and motion controlled stuff sounds great in theory, but in a real world application. Not so much.

The more you know.
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PirateThom  +   1721d ago
Anyone who wants to control Netflix (or any video) with arm flailing has, truly, gone beyond the realms of fanboyism into insanity.
gcolley  +   1721d ago
nothing fanboy about it. do you even understand the whole fanboy concept?
acere  +   1721d ago
Why No, I Don't Want to Control Netflix With My Hands.... i rather doit whit mi mind only..
NMC2007  +   1721d ago
Well don't.
whatis  +   1721d ago
It's a pretty good idea, but not for a TV.

Maybe motion controls will start to interest me when there is also a way to spawn an infinite number of floating screens/displays in the air like in the movie.

That's when it might go from a gimmick to maybe being time-saving or useful.
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qiqi0002   1721d ago | Spam
King717  +   1721d ago
xbox fails :(

Related video
fashiongoods33   1721d ago | Spam
gamer7804  +   1721d ago
This is not replacing your remote or control, its in ADDITION too. I like to take care of my electronics, lets say someone is eating dinner and has bbq on their fingers, do you really want to press the remote, no. Just wave your hand instead. Or you have a baby asleep on your lap or some other reason you can't get up right then and the remote is too far away, just wave your hand or say xbox pause. There are many situations this could come in handy. No one ever said its faster or easier. Not sure where that is coming from, its just an alternative.
gcolley  +   1721d ago
i do. what i don't want to do is play the idiotic games. but hey i know i will still buy this to move the menus around just for the hell of it. i can afford it
linaxiu   1721d ago | Spam
nsnsmj  +   1721d ago
sorry to get a little of topic, but come on people....really? I see the potential in kinect and i kinda want it as much as the next guy, but some of you can't REALLY think voice control or gesture control is revolutionary--it's been done before. you could do voice control with a headset (though that would be pretty dumb looking for watching movies and whatnot) and with the mic on the ps eye (though you would probably need it to be closer to you than with kinect unless you yell). honestly though, it all boils down to software. the voice and gesture control in kinect can be done on any other camera powerful enough, just not the 3D tracking stuff unless its a 3D camera as well. for comparison's sake, if you look at eyetoy games, when you selecting menus and options in the game, its just SOFTWARE. and there are videos of ps eye doing basic tracking so i see no reason someone with a ps eye couldnt use gesture control on the ps3. I apologize for this long post as it was not my intention for it to be, nor was it a rant. I'm just using common sense here. Nothing more, nothing less. (I ain't gonna lie tho...if there was one thing I really used kinect for, it would be tellin it to turn on my 360 before i got the controller in hand!)
rob6021  +   1720d ago
Back in 2005 when Richard marks was demoing the 3DV (Kinect) technology, he mentioned the best thing you could do with the 3DV tech was for the camera to be able to detect on and off, which is mostly good for interface use as a 2D would be always on, the ZCam(kinect) can detect when you want to address the interface by putting your hand in front of you. Gesture control should work on the PSeye, it just will often pick up movements you don't want it to, or when you don't want it to. There's no reason PSeye/move wouldn't be able to do voice control on the same level as kinect though. With that being said I'm still not convinced the Zcam can really do all that much more than PSeye, though interface control would be zcam's strong suit.
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Spenok  +   1720d ago
Neither would i.

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