Molyneux Talks In Depth About Fable III

Peter Molyneux, the lead designer for Fable III, was at Develop in Brighton today to talk about the Story, Cast and Simulation of Lionhead’s upcoming action RPG.

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IRetrouk3022d ago

yea but he said all this before, is it actually gonna translate into game play?

GWAVE3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

People don't realize that he's regurgitating the same "plans" that he claimed would be in Fable and Fable II. When will people actually call him to task?

Active Reload3022d ago

Burning bridges is the phrase of the day.

DelbertGrady3022d ago

Being such an avid Xbox gamer this must be a real letdown for you, GWAVE.

In the end both Fable I & II were great games. If he continues that tradition with Fable III, does it really matter?

I heard that GT5 doesn't have full visual damage models for all cars. When will people actually call Yamauchi to task?

The Lazy One3022d ago

neither of you actually read the article did you?

candystop3022d ago

Don't worry about Fable 3 or anything to do with it. Fact is it's only available for 360 and there's nothing like it on PS3. You guys really have nothing this year (GT5 wow)so quit hating because it's obvious your miserable.

IRetrouk3021d ago

yes i did, im a big fan of fable and black and white, all im saying is he has promised the world before and let us down, are you telling me that the fable series is where he said it would be at?, im not slaging the man or the game just saying he says things are going to be in the games that turn out to be untrue. and soda no need to mention GT5 that game is gonna rock all car fans, always has always will.

The Lazy One3021d ago

he didn't promise anything in the article is the point.

oldjadedgamer3022d ago

The problem with the older fables was that all the add-on stuff was pointless. Marriage/Sex/Kids was there just to be there.

If they could actually add meaning to the extra content, then I would be pleased.

And make the game more challenging, please. Fable 2 was extremely easy to the point of boring.

Major Kanimo3022d ago

i havent ever been able to get into fable it has potentional but it has yet to live up to all the talk hopefully fable 3 with kinect will be a regeneration to the series

BeaArthur3022d ago

Every game he promises some "epic" experience and then fails to deliver. Then when the next game comes out he talks about how bad the last one was and how the new one will correct all the problems of the last one and how you will be able to do all of these amazing things. It's a cycle of false promises.

spooky2053022d ago

that everything he promised in fable 1 was delivered in oblivion: the elder scrolls. He has the passion in his work. He has made good games. He just lacks the innovation to translate properly so he cuts alot of content out. Its those little extras that make the game that much better. He should maybe be a little less vocal about his next project so it doesnt seem like he is hyping up his game.

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The story is too old to be commented.