Schafer Stands By Kotick Comments

In a brief twitter post, Tim Schafer has stood by his comments about Activision's Bobby Kotick, stating "Anyone who says I retracted my comments is lying."

This seems like a reasonable thing to say, given that his supposed 'retraction' still involved a tacit comparison of Kotick to the infamously evil Darth Vader.

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UnwanteDreamz2841d ago

Well Tim Schafer comments about Kotick are applaudable but Brutal Legend's gameplay sucked IMO so he should just concentrate on his next project.

N4GAddict2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I hope it will be a sequel to Psychonauts.

ppazuzu2841d ago

He doesn't seem to really do sequels, but apparently DoubleFine are working on four games right now - so there should be something to suit your tastes.

N4BmpS2841d ago

Funny you should mention, heard a new Psychonauts was just teased.

djfullshred2841d ago

haha, I wish I could have deleted the stage would have been a decent game without that annoying grinding.

oldjadedgamer2841d ago

It takes some balls to stand by your word to someone higher on the totem pole than you. I applaud him for that

va_bank2841d ago

He doesn't work for or with Kotick. If Activision was the one publishing his games, he wouldn't be saying this.

DaBadGuy2841d ago

Brutal Legend was fine except for the RTS parts. And as for his comments on Kotick, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Kotick would better serve the world as a ball-bearing salesman.

UnwanteDreamz2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Agreed but all the major fights were RTS so yeah I didn't like it.

N4GAddict2841d ago

Brutal Legend was ok but it could have been much more.

BYE2841d ago

I think the RTS parts saved the game from drowning in the swamp of generic hack'n'slay titles.

LeonSKennedy4Life2841d ago

I love the story and characters of Brutal Legend. The world was unique and awesome too! Anyone who loves metal was all over that thing!

The only problem was that it became Command & Conquer halfway through. :(

It was worth it to get into that world though.

Ashriel2841d ago

I'm surprised some even though he retracted his comments, can't you even read properly?

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