Sony Files Two Patents Related to Stereoscopic Screen Sharing

Broke My Controller Writes: Two recently published patents reveal that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (The PlaySation division of Sony) is considering using stereoscopic screen sharing.

With Sony’s new 3DTVs viewing images in stereoscopic 3D is the most obvious trick, but this patent, if implemented, would make it possible for two players to share separate images on the same screen.

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sinncross3074d ago

wow this sounds kinda cool

captain-obvious3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

so this is the same thing MS showed few days ago ???
(this) ???

im just asking

cliffbo3074d ago

captain obvious, no it is nothing like what MS showed. this is using 3D tech to show two different images rather than two different images that create 3D. you can then play the same game from two perspectives on the same TV.

captain-obvious3074d ago

thank you very much

ShinMaster3074d ago

The Microsoft set up looked expensive.

Sheikh Yerbouti3074d ago

You know how many arguments this would save. You could watch the game while your wife watches Twilight.

Hideo_Kojima3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I knew this was possible with the same tech that gives stereoscopic images.

What the shutter glasses do is show first the left image than the right. But if you make the lenses shutter at the same time you can show one image to one person and another totally different image to the other person whose glasses are shuttering 1 1/200hz latter than the first persons.

Now release a 3D TV were I can watch 2 channels at once OR watch one channel in 3D and BOOM its going to sell like hell.

What does this mean for gaming?
Split screen will evolve you can now both play on one screen and not see what the other person is doing.

Or if mixed it with face detection that is possible in the PS Eye you can do this for 2 people at the same time


ian723074d ago

It's a good idea 2 people watching 2 different channels on 1 TV. What about the sound though? would have to wear headphones (at least one person would). TV would have to have 2 sound outputs.

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theonlylolking3074d ago

True but not everyone has a 3d tv.


And not everyone has a HDTV.

sikbeta3074d ago

And with no other choice, everyone will get a 3DTV, pretty much like what happened with HDTV vs SDTV...

BubbleSystemSuck3074d ago

and not everyone has a PS3... so whats the point?
you can make a simple product to appeal the entire market.

Pennywise3074d ago

Not everyone has a car... should they stop making them?

nickjkl3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

the only difference between hd and 3d tvs

are that there are no 3d television channels

and even past that there are no 1080p channels which saddens me

Sheikh Yerbouti3074d ago

I don't think Sony is looking for an instant revolution. Sony first targets those first adopters. Woe to us who can't afford it, but eventually we will. Prices for 3D HDTVs will drop just like HDTVs have.

Sony's projection is 2-3 million I believe. High definition television sales are in the thousands, now that a 32 inch is available for under $300. If I'm right, that's a pretty small percentage. I wonder how current sales for HDTV have trended?

saint_john_paul_ii3074d ago

"there are no 3d television channels"

well of course not. we just began the era of 3d. same thing happened with HD, look how that turned out...

nickjkl3074d ago

look at tat no 3d television channels case and point a difference that i point out is automatically shot down because fanboys can not take it when some one speaks out against anything that is related to what they hold in high regard when they know nothing about it

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oldjadedgamer3074d ago

It's not a gimmick considering every other big TV developer is producing or will produce 3DTVs.

And ESPN hopping on the bandwaggon will definitely help the cause.

Although I don't know if anyone on this site knows what ESPN is anyway.

UnwanteDreamz3074d ago

extra sensory perception nipples?

beardpapa3074d ago

yea ESPN is one of the major networks to offer standard 3d stations so whether consumers like it or not, the big wigs with all the cash sitting up top like it much and they're most likely smiling to each other knowing consumer parents will buy into the 3d craze.

and like sikbeta said, bestbuys and friends will practically phase out the hdtvs and have tv sets that are all capable of 3d display. There are practically no stock of old school crt tvs at my local electronic stores. Just give it a few years.

DORMIN3074d ago

Its pretty funny, I still see people calling it a gimmick all the time still.

EVERYONE seems to be pushing 3D from the porn industry to nintendo

OT: This sounds unbelievably awesome. Imagine playing KZ3 splitscreen in 3D O_O

raztad3074d ago

GOD! This is mindblowing. Split screen without SPLITTING the screen. There is a catch though. That would be in practice like running TWO instances of the same game. I expect a considerable hitch in fidelity to maintain performance, because each image comprises the whole screen.

kneon3074d ago

This is probably aimed at the PS4 which will surely be much more than just twice as powerful as the PS3. I expect anywhere from 5-20x performance of the PS3.

NYPunkster3074d ago

*points finger at Sony* Witch!

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Focker-4203074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )


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