Top 10 Stealth Games

A lot of modern video games are all about unlimited sacks of ammo, ludicrous explosives and building-toppling bluster. Which is great most of the time. But sometimes you want to exercise your grey matter as well as your gun trigger with sly attacks, night vision goggles and covert creeping and that’s where stealth games come in.

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GWAVE3072d ago

For me, the MGS series is the king of stealth, not simply due to the mechanics, but also due to the wealth of different strategies and equipment. That's where Splinter Cell falls short, IMO, because it has a lot of cool moves, but it has limited and specific application.

Yi-Long3072d ago

... is that there are 2 Splinter Cell games on that list, and neither of them is the very best SC game EVER: Chaos Theory!

BeaArthur3072d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. And although I love Arkham Asylum I would probably call that an action adventure game.

cygnuszero3072d ago

I agree. I mean if you're going to call Batman a stealth game, then dont you have to call uncharted 2 a stealth game? They both have as much stealth as each other.

Its an action game, with some pretty minor and basic stealth features thrown in for variety, but it is not primarily a stealth game.

BeaArthur3072d ago

I think Arkham Asylum had a lot more stealth than Uncharted 2. U2's stealth was limited to being able to sneak up behind enemies in isolated instances.

No Way3072d ago

Iduno. MGS series is fantastic, the games are great.
As a matter of fact, MGS4 credits are rolling right now.
But, I prefer the 'stealth' aspect of Splinter Cell.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but are there any missions within any the MGS games where it says you can't kill anyone? Or be seen?
I know in Splinter Cell, there are missions like that.
Which, to me, would make it more.. stealth.

And, what do you mean "but it has limited and specific application.?"

4pocalyps33072d ago

There is an actual mission where you have to follow a dude without being caught or seen to a hideout. It's been sometime since I've playedd the game so I can't remember the exact mission but I'm pretty sure that's the gist of it

IHateYouFanboys3072d ago

@4pocalyps3: correct, there is a mission like that in MGS4. but its not so much stealth as just 'staying a certain distance away from the person'. its just a following mission.

in Splinter Cell conviction though, you have to use stealth methods to remain undetected. the first 5 minutes of Conviction have more stealth than the entire game of MGS4.

Redrum0593071d ago

didnt splintercell have a noobish auto kill thingy.
yeah, i thought so.
shut the hell up.

IRetrouk3072d ago

where does he get that conviction is better than mgs4? crazy crazy man

HarryM3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It's the writer's opinion, you can disagree with him if you like, but name calling because it doesn't fit with your personal preferences is just childish.

EDIT: Hmm, I wonder who gave me the Disagree....

IRetrouk3071d ago

i called him crazy, not like thats insulting, i didnt disagree wit you but plenty of other people did though, yes it is his preference and fair play but i also have a preference which you are now knocking, so in a roundabout way, you are also childish.
OT... is this not a gamesite? was i not talking about games..........

UnSelf3072d ago

i hate ninja stealth

for some reason i hate the notion that ninjas are supposed to be sneaky and inconspicuous. Really? all them cool moves and u pull out a bitch one?

Ryu Hayabusa FTW

C L O U D3072d ago

Yeah, I like ninjas but I don't like the fact they have to cheap shot samurais or such.

DORMIN3072d ago

Did you do know Ninjitsu can basically translated to "Stealth Knowledge/Espionage" (among many other things)?

Man, this list just made me sad, I want an awesome next gen Tenchu game.

KaBaW3072d ago

I'm not quite sure that these are in order..

tdrules3072d ago

Thief: Dark Project FTW

tiamat53072d ago

Forget Sly Cooper. Most fun stealth game ever

Why o why3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

but i was hiding like a b!tch in Siren, blood curse. Damn the part where you're in the house with the sliding doors and the undead dude with the pistol had my eyes wide open.

Loved batman aa btw but i agree that it wasnt a stealth game just a game with stealth elements

d10sfan3072d ago

Siren was a really good creepy kinda stealthy game. Yea, pretty much had to hide or you were dead, pretty nice change.

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