Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Aston Martin Trailer

Atari has released the Aston Martin Trailer of Test Drive Unlimited 2. One of the 41 confirmed Cars in the Game ...

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Waldi3074d ago

The Aston Martin is one of my favourites. Cant wait any longer! :D

AAACE53074d ago

You can even see the metallic flake in the paint job! I hope this one doesn't get overlooked like the first one did... there should be a lot of fun to be had!

I hope they don't make the same mistake that Alan Wake did by coming out with a heavy hitter like RDR! I don't remember if GT5 comes out this year or if it got pushed, but I hope TDU 2 isn't going up against it or any other hard hitters!

xjatsx3074d ago

the lighting effect n graphics r suck... looks last gen

xYLeinen3074d ago

Looks like you never played a single last gen game.

Perjoss3074d ago

its all about the scale.

GT5 looks fantastic, but you are stuck going round and round a track. TDU2 gives you a whole island to explore with no loading times, you can literally drive for hours and hours and not see the same bend twice. Oh and it had bikes :)

MaximusPrime3074d ago

i played TDU1 and loved it. i didnt care about the graphic. i cared about the scale of this game.

Sure it looks arcadey but damn, Oahu is massive. Took me less than 50mins by bike (1hr 15min by fast car) to do a full circle of the island.

TDU2 is something im totally looking forward to. 2 islands double the fun.

Perjoss, FYI bikes will come as download only later in the year.

biohazard1413074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

xjatsx - :( dont like you

Syaz13074d ago


i disagree about the lighting and the last-gen remark. i thought the lighting and weather effects are great, but the rest of the graphics are average, with very visible aliasing, low-res textures and cartoony character models, plus where are the civilian vehicles? but i suppose when the sandbox is one of the biggest in gaming, i can forgive the graphics.



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IRetrouk3074d ago

nah man the game looks sweet, loved the first one and cant wait for this one

kevco333074d ago

I really looking forward to this. I think the first game was way ahead of it's time...

SeanRL3074d ago

Except for the lighting, graphics, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.