The Format Wars are Over... Blu-Ray Wins?

During the recent Electronics Merchants Association Home Media Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, Digital Trends participated in a panel hosted by the HD DVD Promotional Group. Sure, the panel was assembled to tout the virtues and benefits of HD DVD over its format competitor, Blu-ray, just as other panels were built to give the Blu-ray camp a chance to pat itself on the back.

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Lord Anubis3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

What I find amusing is that HD-DVD claims PS3 does not count because people do not use it to watch movies but when the numbers are out peeps buy the blu-ray version more than the HD-DVD version. My question is, so what happens with that theory?

Now, Toshiba is including HD-DVD drives into their laptop. I wonder if they change their theory to, people buy laptops to enjoy movies?

the latest figues are BD 70%+ to 20%+ HD-DVD.

now Mini Blu-ray are finding their way into cameras. It seems the technological superior format will win.

drtysouf213917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

on how many people with a PS3 use it for Blu-ray also.

TriggerHippie3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Agree, I myself have bought just over 11 BD movies so far and plan on getting more and all I have is a PS3. But I could have swore Acer was putting out laptops that have BD drives... I know I seen a couple.

Edit: I own 7 atm. Not counting the ones i've gotten from the PSN

ASSASSYN 36o3917d ago

Well trigger the ps3 is advertised as a blu-ray player. How many games do you have on your blu-ray player/ps3/Computer?

Lord Anubis3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

There have been laptops with blu-ray for quite a while now. They were originally only provided from Sony. I'm uncertain who else is delivering blu-ray enabled laptops.

I own 5 blu-ray movies. My blu-ray collection will continue to grow with existing released titles and upcoming titles.

TriggerHippie3917d ago

I know there have been but the article says that ACER is only putting on laptops with HD-DVD drives, and i was only stating that I thought it was incorrect because I'm positive i've seen plenty of Acers with BD-Drives

novaIS3503917d ago

I own 6 PS3 games thus far, 11 blu-ray movies, and 12 PS2 games that still have their wrapper on. My PS3 is definitely the center of my home entertainment system. I can lay down on my big comfy couch and surf the web on my 50" 1080p Samsung DlP, I can stream music/videos/images from my pc 3 rooms away, I can enjoy my entire dvd collection all over again in pristine upscaled quality, I can help cure cancer, I can watch movie trailers in 1080p, check out new game demos, chat with my friends online, I can enjoy HD movies...and last but not least I can wreak havoc on motorstorm/resistance/rb6:v/Ti ger Woods/Ninja Gaiden Sigma/and Oblivion.

So to answer your question I have 6 PS3 games... If I ever get tired with them I can just enjoy those other "small" features the PS3 offers.

Odion3917d ago

man you sound like a commercial

eLiNeS3917d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

for Blu-ray!!!

This guy doesn't even know what he is talking about. He still think Target went exclusively with Blu-ray. FAULSE

The reason you see so many articles about Blu-ray is because so many people invested in it and there scared there going to loose there shorts. It is over for Blu-ray, you heard it from me first. OK, maybe not first but it's still over.

I like this part, "of the 1.5 million Blu-ray players in use today, 1.4 million are PS3s; only 100,000 are true stand-alone non-gaming DVD players." So what does that tell you? either the gaming side is in trouble or the Blu-ray side is in trouble. With so many Sony Fanboys just on this site I think Blu-ray is in trouble and is over.

For those with a HD-DVD player, Frys has a few movies for only $13.99 each, check your local Frys http://shopping.dallasnews....

If you Disagree with me you like boys.

Wow, quite a few of you like little boys, sickos!

peksi3917d ago

OK it's over. The previous guy said it and we trust him 101%. Now go on everyone, nothing to see here anymore.

FreedomReign3917d ago

Its that simple, now if Bluray were to sign off on the license price for HDi with MS, then I might agree with this article.

HDi > Java as far as I know.
Region free HD-DVD also means I can get a better price.

kevin11223917d ago

assasyn, the ps3 has and will always be advertised as a computer entertainment system. this is why i dont get people bashing on sony for adding other features to the ps3. it was never stricly a gaming console.

cuco333916d ago

there is a justified reason behind it if you think about it. you go out and purchase a $600 unit and have a limited amount of games for it. so what do you do? justify your purchase by buying BR movies. another spin can be followed by sales figures. since launch, when ps3 had no games/lack of games BR movie sales had sales peaks and when games were released the figures dropped. another spin can easily be looking at stand along players even if ps3 is the best BR player out there... there is easily a spin on why you can say a dedicated unit for high def movie watcging is outselling the competion. all these points come back to the marketing's hands which is there job to promote and play with the numbers in a legal fashion. i know because i work with marketing personnel and know the BS that comes out from them, sometimes good, usually ass backwards

it's clear though with all the gaming blogs/forums and the fact that many journalists don't have a neutral opinion on the matter will always spin it for the camp they like best. the format war isn't over. sure software sales show better signs for BR right now but you can also mention the lackluster launch lineup of hd dvd movies compared to BR, where you'll see these next 2 quarters who really picks up steam. i am neutral on the matter and don't care who wins (if any) but i find it funny how both sides offer advantages and have disadvantages. something tells me that we'll continue on to have a dual format in the future as a stalemate will happen. studio support will only occur for where they can sell more movies. maybe we'll see sony titles in hd dvd... we'll see

Nigglet3916d ago

The read speed alone makes it horrible for games, I nimagine since it takes twice as much space and code to make PS3 game as good as 360, Ps3 might need blue-ray.
The Other Sides of the Coin: Throughput and Market Demand
Admittedly, Blu-Ray looks dicey from several non-capacity angles. Blu-Ray movies require a 1.5x Blu-Ray drive, or 54Mbits/second. Sony announced that PS3 uses a 2x BD drive, which is 72Mbits/second or 9MB/second. The Xbox360 uses a 12x DVD, which should give it about 16MB/second. That is significantly faster for games and will result in shorter load times. And that 12x DVD drive should be a whole lot cheaper. (Note that the PS3 drive will do 8x DVD, and even that is faster than 2x BD.)

It is way more important to have speed than space. Also the 360 can have better graphics from more memory and just as good gameplay, so why would a longer game be better? it would not, in fact many devs are focusing on shorter, more quality games. Blu-ray is just son'y screwing PS fans and that isfunny to me.

tk3916d ago

I have 3 PS3 games, around 40 PS2 games (all work except 2 work on BC, plan on getting another PS3 games before end of December, 1 BR movie, plan another 5 before end of year.

I use it for both. I have a video projector (ok - so it is only 720p / 1080i).

So by the end of the year I will have at least 6 BR movies. Now who do you believe? Tosh who says I am not watching BR on my PS3, xbots who say I don't have any games for it, or me, who own a PS3, watch BR on it, plays my back catalog of PS2 games, and the excellent PS3 games on it?

I would wager that only the Tosh marketers and xbots would still claim that I don't have games, and don't watch HD movies on it.

This BS is not convincing people anymore. HD-DVD is dead. let it go. I am btw typing this on my Toshiba laptop, best laptop I ever had. Has NVidia GS7900 graphics card in it, with wide screen LCD. Will be getting a BR drive for it at some time.

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ShiftyLookingCow3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I am tired of this cr*p, the only news that should be posted on N4G concerning this is if Universal decides to support Blu Ray other than that the stupid war just goes on

[edit] After reading the article I admit talking sh*t, anyways I was tired of hi def wars having so many news articles on a gaming site not the particular article.

tonsoffun3917d ago

I totally agree - it is a well known fact that blu-ray is winning.

Do we need dozens of articles per week (many form the same "contributor") saying the same exact thing?

No. we don't

Darth - bubbles for you bud

drtysouf213917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

If you actually took time to read the article instead of talking $hit and reporting the story you would see that it actually has quite a bit of negative things to say about blu-ray. It states alot of facts. If your tired of reading them just ignore it and quit following my stories around like a little puppy follows its master.

Now i'll go back to ignoring you like i have for months.

tonsoffun3917d ago

You know you could easily become one of the best contributors to this site if it were not for your childish titfortat behaviour. You cry foul when someone has a genuine report about your 'articles'. Then like a complete child you spit your pacifier out and ignore them?

Are you actually that poor that you need the prize money from this site?

When your articles rise above sensationalist fanboy tabloid newspaper esque journalism, I start to give you more respect.

But then again, as usual, you will just shy away from those who disagree with you because you can't handle people calling you out.....

Cook1eMan3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

This stuff about the format wars can end. I mean it's starting to get annoying. What's happened with blu-ray is that one person supported it, then the others wanted to feel like they've got the good stuff and it goes down the chain. If you do not get what I said above then you really need to open up to bigger and better things. In no way am I talking "$hit" about either format, I just don't get why people cant choose which they want "if they want it at all". Why be forced to going with something that you may not want or be ready for. For me I'm going with HD-DVD. You I just like where it's going not cause I'm an a$$hole who hates sony and doesn't agree with what they do half the time.

One last point to bring across. Alot of people talk of how PS3 is responsible for Blu-Ray's success, well thats only like 30% true. If we go back to when PS3 launched and the 3 following months 80-85% of the people who bought the system did not have an HDTV and did not plan on buying one for atleast another year. So why the hell would someone buy a format that they cannot enjoy cause they broke their wallets on the PS3's expensive price.

Im sure what I said is going to come back in some negative feedback by someone "fanboy" or "follower", but do what you have to do and beware every decision you make has it's consequence and most of the time it bites you right back in the ass.

tonsoffun3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

completely agree cook, bubbles for the man with sense.


First off, it is ' I could NOT care less'. At least get the half a$$ed attempt at an insult correct.

But again, your reply just shows you maturity level - you have no probs attempting to insult me, but as soon as you do you hide behind your ignore feature - way to go big boy.

So a big TV means you are reasonably way off - I know loads of people that have put themselves in serious debt for a big tv, actually, that is maybe why you constantly post flamebait - so you can get next months payment?

You are totally right an am nowhere near your level of intelligence - I class myself a little higher on the IQ level than the obvious ignorant fanboy you are.

Time and time again you show that you cannot handle any form of criticism and act like a spoilt child when called out. But to be fair I have come to expect that from you recently.

drtysouf213917d ago

You don't matter to me at all and i could careless about you reporting my stories if it wasn't in a childish manner. You report my stories 2-3 times like i'm sure you've done others. 1 report is sufficient. And for the record i ignore you because you are not on my level of intelligence and i don't respect what you have to say. And to answer your question of if i'm poor well look at the pic. I'm not rich but i'm pretty well off. Now i won't be replying to you anymore because you have clearly shown here how ignorant you are. So if it makes your day to report my stories because you have no life and nothing better to do then have it.

Back on Ignore you go and i won't click your comment to see your reply so don't bother.

Cook1eMan3917d ago

drtysouf21, why do you have to attack other people for not liking your story. Comments it up so people can express their thoughts not to get pissed off like a little spoiled kid. Another thing wrong with your post is your picture. Home in no way is going to change the way people play or do anything with a Video Game System. Thats a piece of tech thats been out for years and has it many forms to show by. If you back all your arguments with that kind of stuff it just goes to show that once people go to sony they support them and never lay off if they are wrong.

drtysouf213917d ago

Mind your business because you don't know the whole story. He's been harassing me for months with his reports and sending me harassing private messages. So before you go talking $hit to me you should get both sides of the story and the whole story. I only reply to things people say to me i don't start the trouble. Also if you paid attention to his and my comments the reason for the pic was because he asked if i was poor and needed the prize money. The pic indicates what i own it has nothing to do with home being shown on the tv. You are ignorant also because you jump on me and attack me without knowing the whole story or the purpose for my comments. So i will have to put you on ignore also.

FadeToBlack3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

If you don't like the articles about the HD format war, don't read them! I am so sick and tired of everyone comming into these HD format threads to piss and moan about it. Obviously there are people on this site that are intrested in these articles, so give it a rest and just go comment somewhere else instead of wasting your time b!tching here.

tonsoffun3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I have been harrassing you?

Let me see, just who exactly messaged me threating to have me banned if I don't stop reporting on your articles? I admit that I am pretty strict and heavy handed when it come to reporting, but on a communitybased site like this it has to be and I expect nothing less from my peer here when it comes to any articles I have posted.

I have only replied to messages sent by you apart from, one, which I will admit I sent but it was merely asking about why he reprted my story, which I felt I was completely justified in doing.

Who just a few hours ago reported an article of mine for being spam for no reason other than retaliation?

check if you wish...

See how childish some people can get?


I have said many times, before that some of these article are quite informative, but when they come at a rate of dozens per week, all saying pretty much the same thing, it amounts to spam in my book.


absolutely no sony hate from me> Infact i am one of the minority here - someone who has all the platforms, but isn't a fanboy to a particular platform.

my problem lies not with the this actual article per se, but with the deluge of incredibly similar articles (strangely primarily from the one 'contirbutor') all hailing Blu-ray as the winner, when the HD 'war' isn't entirely finsihed.

Is blu-ray going to win? Probably.
Do we need to have dozens of almost identical articles (again, from the same 'contributor') per week?
Probably not.

The Wood3917d ago

sony hate. im not sure but this is news for some. There are also new users on this site AND you have the right not to click on the story which draws heat which then draws comments. If people were not interested then people would not comment. Ive seen many articles on n4g where there are few comments (less than 10) because people dont care about the topic. Ill admit that the format war is a touch tedious but its news that can be ignored all the same. Do you people watch the same news on tv all the time or switch channel, or do you watch it then complain to the station or network.


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Da Ghostdog3917d ago

At least there are people thinking "neutral & logical" about this...

sloth4urluv3917d ago

No grey area, either your blu ray or your an xbot.
N4G is black and white.

Daewoodrow3917d ago

I agree with the article writer. Just to clarify, the title is misleading, the "bluray wins?" is more sarcastic.

I agree because I don't think it's right that the format companies and retail outlets wield the power to decide when and how we advance to a new format. At less 1% marketshare for HD formats, the so called "war" hasn't even started. And yet some stores look upon the pitiful sales figures and decide to drop one.

I don't know how it is in America, but here in England few people even know what Bluray and HD-DVD is. The odd shelf in the dark corner of the store with HD disks on it is mostly alien to us.

When the time comes that I want to advance to HD, I want to decide what format I want to buy, not find that HD-DVD was phased out right from the start because it sold slightly worse than Bluray after the PS3 launched.

ReBurn3917d ago

I would wager that the majority of people everywhere don't know what Blu-ray and HD-DVD are. The market penetration for these products is so small that it is hardly a blip in the marketplace, but people on this website seem to think that this thing is armageddon or something. Neither format is clearly leading in anything other than a way distant second place when compared to DVD.

I'm surprised that you want to be able to choose what format you want to buy. Not because of the typical fanboy tripe that infests these discussions, but rather as a curiosity as to what reasons you have for wanting competing formats.

For game consoles, having exclusive games is a good thing because it drives innovation due to competition. But Blu-ray and HD-DVD for movies just splits the market and disenfranchises consumers. Movies are different from games in that they are not developed exclusively for a specific type of player. They are typically developed for distribution in theaters with home sales being a secondary business model (which usually accounts for the only profit many movies make). If there is exclusive support from studios for one format or the other, people lose access to content and studios lose revenue. It breaks the home video distribution business model.

I think there needs to be only one format. I don't care which it is, though.

MrSwede3917d ago

I wasn´t around when the Beta Max-VHS war was on but when DVD came it didn´t have any competition (well some but it was no where near HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray) besides the former gen format VHS. So what happend was like always: the gadget-nerds like myself took the first step and payed the developement expenses when buying the very first DVD-players and "ordinary" people went along when prices dropped.

Now we are in the beginning of the circle again however it´s a lot more interesting this time. I had to make a choice this time, I had to think it through cause picking the "losing" format leaves me with an expensive and soon to be useless gadget. This war isn´t of any importance for the "ordinary" consumers since they don´t jump on the train until there is only one format besides DVD, this war is for the gadget-freaks who forked up a lot of cash and might wind up with a useless toy trying to explain themselves to their girlfriend.

NextGen24Gamer3917d ago

In this article he claims that walmart will only sell blu ray players. Anyone have any info on that. I haven't heard that one.