New gameplayfootage of Vanquish

PS3-Sense writes: Today new gameplay footage of Vanquish has been released. Vanquish is a new 3rd person shooter from Platinum Games

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vmartin122988d ago

Seems decent, doesn't seem to solid as of yet when looking at the video.

dooge2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Nice change of pace from what is presently available. At 1:10, sickness.

Strange_Evil2988d ago

The game indeed looks like Gears on steroids.

HolyOrangeCows2988d ago

In non-promotional videos, you see some pretty dull AI at times.

Some interesting gameplay ideas though, sans the bullet time.

Omar912988d ago

yea whoever made the script to this game wasnt working to hard

Kalowest2988d ago

Cool...looks way better than that other GeOW clone.

raztad2988d ago

why is this a Gears clone?

Kalowest2988d ago

Im just calling it that cause lots of ppl are calling it "Gears on steroids".

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scofios2988d ago

with GeOW did you mean gears of war the resident evil 4 wanna (clone) be ?

lastdual2988d ago

But there are so many throwbacks to outdated game design. Why does the HUD have to take up the whole right side of the screen? Why do my enemies have visible health bars, with the big ones taking a 50 clips of ammo to kill (as the E3 boss battle showed)?

It looks intense, and I love the sliding mechanic, but some of the design choices leave me wondering if it will actually be fun after the intial rush wears off.

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