Torrence Davis Responds To N4G Controversy

DualShockers writes, "DualShockers were recently invited to a Namco Bandai event in New York City. While there we ran into a number of good industry friends, and one of them was Torrence Davis of TheBitBag. A little over a week ago Torrence wrote an editorial that was used as an experiment for N4G. By using a (mild) sensationalist headline to get people’s attention Torrence was able to prove that while people bitch and complain about the use of sensationalist headlines and tabloid journalism, at the end of the day, that’s all they want to read and argue about anyway. Find out why he did it and the motivations behind it. Take a look!"

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Ninferno3072d ago

Why is Torrence right about everything? Is he a genius or something?

T9X693072d ago

Because he Punk'd the stupid fanboys on this site.

brazilianbumpincher3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

is one of the most guilty of what his experiment was about..... SENSATIONALIST HEADLINES

yo hiphop still waiting for the news you said you would reveal about naughty dog (first party owned studio) going multi

UnwanteDreamz3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"Because he Punk'd the stupid fanboys on this site."

I think you would have to be certifiably retarded to not have already realised this. No experiment was needed. All you need to do is look at the stories with the most heat to come to this conclusion.

Makes me question his motives. Tor do you really think that people not intelligent enough to see this with out your help will listen?

Like Alos88 said below this is nothing new to "journalism". Fox News anyone?

telekineticmantis3072d ago

hip hop gamer may use controvertial headlines, but his actual content afterwards is usually less tacky. If someone goes away with only the headlines or titles it means they didn't care to read or listen to his actual article.

yewles13072d ago

"Because he Punk'd the stupid fanboys on this site. "

A pot calling the kettle black is not punking out ANYONE.

RoX_TimE_BomB3072d ago


If you actually check the bitbag site when HH posts sensationalist titles they will actually change it to a proper title because they dont believe in that nonsense.... because like that experiment shows people like to run off of the title and not the content within

gaffyh3072d ago

Whether he punk'd anyone or not, he is guilty of being one of those attention grabbing websites himself. I mean he basically did the exact same thing, made a flamebait article to get hits.

He's just as bad as fanboys, if not worse.

N4g_null3072d ago

Sounds like a case of some one validating what they want to hear or believe. I'm sure I post on a few of these yet do I read the flame bait articule nope. I'm only intresed in the response. Usually a discussion can form.

It's very easy to write lame articles and act Juvenal. It seems it's just too hard to come up with a real story.

PoSTedUP3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

the fact is that N4G gets almost ALL gaming news, you are gong to have most small web sites posting their opinio.... er i mean "articles" on here. the problem is: most journalists have to rely on N4G to get hits. trust me i know. it is a never ending cycle. so this is where the complaining from real journalists like torrence comes in. they want people to read their well written articles on N4G (to be honest i think we are all guilty of of posting flamebait), but they also need to realize that if it is an opinion piece, it should be a strong opinion on something that is controversial. thats what N4G is all about. we like the real exclusive news, we like to hear what developers have to say, we like strong opinions, we like to debate etc. the news that gets the lowest attention is the news that is boring, not really important to us, opinions that dosent reach out to the minds of us gamers. i like to read good articles, especially if it is about my favorite games maybe from back in the day, i like to debate without reading articles also, chat with N4G members, play games with them etc. this is much more then just a news site, this is a gaming COMMUNITY!

Boody-Bandit3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The only people that argue over sensationalist headlines are people that are here to argue regardless of the topic. I ignore 99% of the garbage on this site. I will read most of the articles (depending on the site they are from) and usually a couple responses. It's always the same suspects getting into it on here.

The same can be said about any gaming site. This isn't rocket science. All smaller and now most of the bigger sites do it (BS headlines to entice hits). It's just like sex in advertising.

Hate to break it to you TD, HHG and all other media that think this is funny, you're wrong because it's not. It's sad. Most of you are guilty of this nonsense and then you have the audacity to point and laugh all the while continuing to carry on doing it. It's called hypocrisy. Most of these sites are so desperate for hits they'll write anything in your headlines and speculation and rumors as facts just to get those hits. What's even more pathetic is when the members of these sites come here, the place they claim is such a joke, the place if not for it's existance they wouldn't have a forum / voice, and defend your topics.

What ever man. Carry on. Just know that not everyone here is a guillible idiot looking to argue over gaming. <--That in itself is sad. It's shit wanna be journalist sites that have been one of the biggest factors into turning this industry into fanboy fodder. The majority of the people arguing on these sites are not really that into gaming, if at all, to begin with. It's most just lonely pathetic attention mongers looking to fill the void in their sad and pathetic lives. Ask them for their gamer information and you are ignored like the plague.

I miss the days of waiting on gaming mags and little to no internet coverage. Oh well. Back to "gaming". I still got some animals to hunt in RDR to rank up my sharpshooter status.

Conloles3071d ago

He lost himself a reader when he 'punked' me good stuff !

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Christopher3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Oh, yay... generalizations! You know, if you look at the comments on the page in question, there were just as many people calling others idiots for not reading the article as there were those not reading the article.

Personally, he got his point across... done and done. No need for responding to it and trying to put controversy out there where there wasn't any.

HolyOrangeCows3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Dualshockers LIVES off of N4G hits. Don't give these idiots more hits by clicking the link.

BTW, it's pretty interesting that the same people approve of DualShocker articles on N4g every time. If it weren't for members on N4G approving of N4G nagging articles, you probably NO ONE would even visit your site.

N4g_null3072d ago

Multiple accounts and getting your family to registar on n4g must be priceless. Life hacking at it's best.

FamilyGuy3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

He may have sensationalist headlines but he IS dedicated to the gaming community. He WANTS to share information with us and has a true interest in the business. Hiphopgamer isn't just in this for the free crap journalists get, he wants to become big like the more well known gaming sites.

Not the same as what T. Davis was complaining about at all.

DelbertGrady3072d ago

He isn't dedicated to the gaming community at all. If he was he would read up and do research before submitting his uninformative vidocs. And he wouldn't have to rely solely on flamebait headlines to get attention.

The only thing he is dedicated to is himself.

J-Smith3072d ago

*Torrence Davis Responds To N4G Controversy*


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JoelT3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

People complain about Sensationalist headlines, yet for the most part, those are the pieces that make it to the top of N4G. Well that and Cosplay of course. But seriously there are too many well written original pieces that don't garner the attention and exposure that they deserve. People rather read ridiculous headlines then argue in the comment section why the PS11 will beat out the Xbox 2900. It's pretty sad.

Raf1k13072d ago

I don't see the big deal TBH. There are people who complain and there are people who love sensationalist headlines but his experiment only proves what we knew already. If it was to show that the people who complain are the same people who go nuts in sensationalist articles then we'd have something interesting on our hands.

Nike3072d ago

Respect your points but Torrence's article last week simply reminded me of the dilemma I faced when watching Cannibal Holocaust: When you want to make something - an article, painting or film - that's denouncing sensationalism and exploitation, it's best not to use sensationalism and exploitation for the same purpose.

Torrence simply came off last week as an arrogant and pretentious hypocrite sitting on his high horse rather than some one making a decent point. And the sad part was, it was completely his intention to use sensationalism to bait people into reading an article against sensationalism.

Frankly, I think DualShockers should stay out of the guy's mess.

iceman063071d ago

You have pretty much made the point. Sometimes you can't just SAY the point and really drive it home. As you stated there was a "dilemma" when watching Cannibal Holocaust. You felt like the film used sensationalism and exploitation to drive home a point. Guess what...regardless of the methods got the point. This is NOT the way to do it. There is an age old method used in psychology called implosion where you bombard a person with the things that they fear the most. Ultimately, it is used to overwhelm the person so that they have to deal with the truth of the situation...not what they preconceived and contrived. While it might not be the most ethical of practices, it works exceedingly well.
I think Torrence just set out to prove his point...regardless of method...and it worked. For him, the ends justified the means. It might have been pretentious, since he assumed that most of us were unaware of this, but I didn't find it hypocritical in the least. It's not a common practice for him to use flame for hits.

booni33072d ago

u no what, it is not his fault that 2 out of 3 n4gers is a dung beetle pretending to be a person. And he is rite about this site. But dont take my word for it, here come some now....

trounbyfire3072d ago

you talk big now asshole but when time comes to put up or shut up you run

booni33072d ago

is n4g only a news agrigator? i mean, do they have any original content that isnt user created?

Chadness3072d ago

Torrence is my hero. It is a shame the best editorials and opinion pieces don get the exposure they deserve because all people here are interested in is verbally sparring over sensationalist headlines about topics that have been beaten to death time and time again.

FragMnTagM3072d ago

are interested in verbally sparring. It is the majority for sure, but there are people here like myself that try to get the best news and try to stay away from the flamebait articles.

I agree with him on reading print magazines even though they are usually behind on information. You get real game journalism without the fanboy BS.

N4G needs to have some sort of system to get rid of the BS. What about a reputation level for websites? If a certain sites rep gets too low for posting nothing but fanboy garbage all the time, then they get banned from contributing here. They can spread their FUD somewhere else. I think that would bring this site back to being a reputable source of information.

RoX_TimE_BomB3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

yeah it was a shame to see during and after E3 a lot of really good interviews by lots of sites just basically went under the radar... and a lot were taken out of context and used sensationalist quotes in order to get hits from other sites...

Its up to the community to start to come together and not be feeding bullshit and start appreciating all of the websites that go out of their way to try and bring original gaming content.... Like really wtf? God of War chick was the top article all day yesterday at over 1000 degrees?

Whats next a picture of a sidewalk with a gameboy on it?

Myst3072d ago


I agree as sometimes it feels like all the good articles go under. one of the main reasons I stopped writing and putting pretty much my all into making something interesting but staying within' the 'lines'.

As a community it seems that the only reason to come to this site now is to fight about consoles, Oggle chicks [which is okay at times but it seems it's going on every day now.], and always ending a article title ending on a question mark. Though to be fair I did do it once but at the time of writing it was an up in the air type of deal and turned out okay.

Either way the way in which this site is divided I don't think such a thing as having the Higher quality stories at the top will come about. Unless it has some of the keywords in it of which some are: Halo, Gears, Killzone, or myriad of other high profile games.

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