Minis Devs Pushing Sony For Trophies

During a recent chat, Minis devs got together with Sony. One thing brought up was trophies and how developers such as Frima and Mediatonic have been pushing Sony to allow them to be included in Minis titles.

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ftwrthtx3074d ago

with the PSP, but trophy support for that platform would be great.

NecrumSlavery3074d ago

Sales would triple. Trophies make a big difference now a days.

I_find_it_funny3074d ago

PSP trophies thats awesome, but you can play minis on PS3, what then? Separate trophy systems integrated into one PSN ID

TANUKI3074d ago

Agreed, Mini trophies would be great. PSP trophies? Even better!

UnwanteDreamz3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Well most minis are playable on your PS3 so they should have trophies. Oh and I always thought that they should have added the PSN to the psp with acct linking and a cross platform gamer ID so I could add to my trophies from work.

Vojkan3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

maybe PS3 versions, but not PSP versions. PSP is hackable, i dont want someone to rig system and make it pointless. We still remember some of those glitched retroactive trophies games, dont we?
These developers dont care about trophy system, they just want money and i care about it and dont want to see it destroyed. I am happy sony is careful with this

squallheart3074d ago

im worried if they ever do implement trophies people wouuld find a hack for it, unless they make it that to aquire them u have to be online synced to the server.

Alos883074d ago

I'd rather have mini medals.
I hope somebody gets that reference...

xYLeinen3074d ago

Yea, agree. Don't implement trophies for minis but something new, like mini medals.

mushroomwig3074d ago

Nice idea, demand for minis would improve so much, everything in life would be better if we had trophies/acehivements for everyday things. :)

GuruStarr783074d ago

....cuz i've almost got gold on every level of M(P)SMP.

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The story is too old to be commented.